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Kicking off the new year

We’re kicking off 2022 with a couple of new additions to our Protec family.

The last two years have been crazy (for a great many reasons) at our Bradford-based factory. Not the least being the massive uptick in orders for full caravan/motorhome covers and Towing Jackets as the sale of leisure vehicles has exploded during the pandemic.

As more and more orders came in, the larger our lead time became. In an effort to get your orders out to you as quickly as possible we’ve been actively searching for new members of staff to help improve customer service and cut lead times down.

Cutting Team

Our bespoke custom-fit motorhome and caravan covers are manufactured from precisely measured and cut panels to ensure a perfect fit.

After buying a (second) state-of-the-art CNC machine to help keep up with demand, we needed someone to operate it.

Enter Aaron.

Aaron actually joined the Protec Covers cutting team towards the end of 2021 and completed his training shortly before the Christmas break.

With more than two years experience in the protective covers industry and over 5 years as a CNC machine operator, Aaron has slotted seamlessly into the team and is already up to speed and producing covers at a great rate of knots.

Sales Team

With our phones ringing off the hook and online sales pouring in faster than the British weather changes, it became clear that we need to bring in some support to bolster our expert, yet friendly sales team.

Sarah arrived at Protec Covers in early January and after only one day in the office is already manning the phone lines, taking your orders, and brightening up our day.

Similar to Aaron, Sarah boasts two and a half years of experience in talking to customers in the caravan and motorhomes industry, with a further four years of experience as a sales rep.

With her cheerful demeanor and friendly sales technique, Sarah will effortlessly guide you through your order and answer any questions you might have about our products.

Be sure to say hi if you bump into Sarah on the phone.