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approved-stampPro-Tc Covers are used and approved by major market caravan manufacturers, Bailey of Bristol, Swift Caravans amongst others.We are proud to be members of The National Caravan Council and were awarded the Caravan Accessory award by Practical Caravan magazine. However our most important approval comes from thousands of our customers.  Take a look at their reviews of our covers.

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As part of our commitment to show our appreciation of your custom, we are offering a 10% discount on full caravan covers and 5% discount on Motorhome covers, to all those who are members of a caravan or motorhome club.

If you belong to a recognised club, and can provide your membership number, call us on +44 (0)1274 780088 today and let us help you save a little bit more. 

Alternatively, use discount code CCMEMBER13 (full caravan covers) or CCMEMBER05 (motorhome/camper covers) to apply the discount to online purchases. 

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We are proud members of The National Caravan Council helping us to keep up to the ever changing caravan market, allowing us to give you the highest quality, cutting edge product.


Here at Pro-Tec Covers we take our customer service seriously and strive to provide the best quality service.  We do this by listening to our customers’ feedback.  Over the  years we have listened to your needs and demands and have come up with the Protec Towing Cover, the Protec Towing Skirt, the Protec Easy-Fit System, Protec Towing Shield and the Protec Duo Pack.  Thanks to you we continue to constantly improve our products. Thank You!

Well impressed with the quality of everything

Just to let you know about the cover Pro-Tec made for us for our old caravan.


When it arrived as you had promised, the weather was quite bad for several days. Although we managed to wash the 'van, the humidity was so high it just would not dry. It was over a week before we could polish it and fit the cover.

We weren't expecting the lower corner protectors, - they are a good bonus.

With the supplied poles, fitting was very easy. I am well impressed with the quality of everything, the cover itself, the door opening, the straps, buckles and the stitching. It is a very snug fit and now the creases have dropped out, it looks great.

Peter Saunders. ABI Marauder Caravan Cover. 10/12/2014

Perfect...easy to put on

Thank you so much for sending my protect cover for caravan
have fitted it yesterday and it was perfect in size and so easy to put on.
Thank you once again.
Yours Faithfully
Mr D J Parsons 1/12/2014


As you are aware we have now received our motorhome cover and I wanted to take the time to let you know how pleased we are with it.
We fitted it on Thursday and it is superb, it fits like a glove and the quality is excellent.
Many thanks to you all for your fantastic workmanship and excellent service.
Nigel Black

Your material is the best on the market

I ordered a Protec cover from you after much internet research, and received it a good few weeks back. Today, my wife and I spent many hours thoroughly cleaning and waxing our caravan before getting our new cover out of the box for the first time. Whilst I knew that your material is the best on the market from my research, I was a little sceptical that you had accounted for the the door and roof items being in the right place, as our caravan is a  limited edition model.

The whole system of using the poles to install the cover was a breeze - really quick, simple and effective. The cover fits perfectly, and is of superb quality, both in the design and the manufacture. Whilst not the cheapest on the market, I am certain it will last for many years - you get what you pay for!

I would like to thank you for developing such an excellent product - we are very happy customers!

Kind regards

Austin Ralphson. 23/11/2014

They are fabulous

This is my second cover in about 10years. They are fabulous,  I only use my van once a year going abroad and each time I put it away after cleaning it and polishing it I am always  able  get it out the following year still in its clean condition. 

I would always recommend this type of cover. Thanks again.

Graham. 20/11/2014


Just fitted our new cover for our Lunar Meteorite. Excellent. Many thanks for your excellent service

Martin Banks. 18/11/2014

Put your trust in Protec Covers

Thought you might like to see the results of your great work, tailored to perfection including the bubble to cover the satellite dish and air conditioning pod. The included A frame cover is plenty big enough, that makes a nice change to the run of the mill ones. The extra wheel covers are a boon and certainly worth every penny. Every thought has gone into the design of this cover even to the extra strap to keep the rear cover in place in windy conditions. Any one reading this looking for a cover put your trust in Protec Covers, I did and I'm over the moon with the quality, correspondents and professionalism. My wife and I are nearly 70 and had no trouble whatsoever fitting the cover with the easy fit system.
Regards & Thanks
Phil & Kay Burton


Well what a surprise when the Post arrived.

I will have no excuse now for a dirty cover and by the looks of it many other uses are available also.

What an ideal present for the wife – perhaps I think not !!!

Mike Lorenz. Protec Caravan Cleaner. 11/11/2014

A big thank you

Just a quick email to say a  big thank you to you, and your team, for the delivery of my Eriba Familia cover which arrived on Friday afternoon.

The caravan was cleaned, dried and covered over the weekend just in time for my trip to Oz. 


Larry Buttle. Eriba Familia Caravan Cover. 10/11/2014

Fantastic Product

I ordered my cover some months ago. When it was delivered I put it in the garage and only this weekend decided to try it out. It's my first caravan cover. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with it so far. Fits like a glove and so easy to put on, it only took us about 15 minutes from start to finish. Fantastic product, thank you very much.

Via Zoopim. Swift Sprite Alpine 4. 08/11/2014

Fits and looks perfect

I just want to say - Great Job! Ordered cover at show and asked if it could be ready before I go away at the end of the month. Not only has it arrived but it fits and looks perfect. Great to see such a good business in both service and quality. Thank you

Mr Howie. Autotrail Motorhome Cover. 08/11/2014

The fit is spot on

Hi just wanted to say we put our new cover on our van this weekend and we are over the moon with it. The fit is spot on. I know there are cheaper covers out there but I honestly don't know why people would buy them as they really are poor. Anyway just wanted to say a big thank you it's worth every penny.

Bev and Martin Smith. 01/11/2014

Looks fantastic

Thank you for my new cover. My baby is all tucked in for the winter and looks fantastic

Chris Bibby. 31/10/2014

Fittled like a glove

Just fitted new cover to Bailey Indiana. Fitted like a glove and in spite of high winds on the Cotswolds we managed it relatively easy. We are delighted with it and thank you.
Les Palmer . 28/10/2014

Perfect Fit

I have just put my motor home away for the winter  and covered it with the Protec cover I received a few weeks ago.
This was the first one you had made for an Accordo 125 and I an writing to say how delighted I am with it.

It is well made, a perfect fit and having gone for the option of the vecro back flap easy to fit.

Many thanks.

Charles Porter. Accordo 125 Motorhome Covers 25/10/2014

It was doddle to fit

I would like to express how thoroughly satisfied I am with ProTec covers. A few weeks ago I purchased the Towing cover which I have used a few times and must say the quality and fit is second to none and gives excellent protection to our Lunar Clubman Caravan. When I seen what the quality of the cover was like I asked ProTec about a fitted winter cover as my caravan is not quite as the standard Lunar Clubman, it has a Air Con Unit and an Avtec Snipe Satellite Dish, I was assured by a very pleasant and efficient lady that nothing would be a problem and if I submitted some photos then their technical department would phone me about measurements and take it from there. The Lady then asked me some questions about the van and took my order. I sent in photos and details about sizes & measurements which appeared sufficient. I took delivery of the cover the other day but only tried it for fit today, I am truly over the moon, the quality is absolutely excellent and the fit is perfect, I went for the easy fit system as I'm no spring chicken, it was a doddle to fit, my wife & myself rolled up the back canvas put the poles in the D clips and walked it into position, its the best system I have come across I would highly recommend it especially for larger vans. The company and staff couldn't be more helpful and pleasant to deal with, the communication was first rate keeping me in the loop regarding my orders at all times right up to delivery. I would highly recommend ProTec Covers for their quality and professionalism.

Mr Burton 30/09/2014

Absolutely Perfect

I recieved my cover earlier this month which was also fitted with a panel for a solar panel. I fitted the cover on the caravan last Wenesday and it fitted absolutely perfectly. I am very pleased thanks Protec

Mr Harris. 25/09/2014 

Excellent Service

Thank you for your excellent service
I am very happy with the cover and your fast response to our problem
Mrs Chatwin 22/09/2014 

Yellow machines splashing liquid tar everywhere

I use my Pro-tec cover every time I tow now and it really came in to it's own on our journey back home last week. We stumbled on the "Chippings Gang" otherwise known as the boys with the black stuff in a village not far from home. There were yellow machines splashing liquid tar everywhere followed by lorries spewing chippings on top. Although they were only doing one lane at a time, the tar and the chippings were all over the place and the oncoming traffic was spreading it as well. I drove through listening to the rattle of the chippings but confident that the front cover was protecting my pride and joy. Sure enough when we got home the cover had tar splashes on it but underneath the front of the van was spotless. I would rather spend some time cleaning the cover that trying to get tar of the front panel and also looking morbidly at stone chips. I also find it negates the dreaded fading of the grp front panel.

Drove from Devon in storm Bertha

I have a Protec cover which I attached and then drove from Devon in storm Bertha if you remember that. Cover was dry on the inside when I reached the storage depot some 220 miles later, and it had chucked it down all the journey. I just wouldn't be without one protecting the front of the van! Yes, really pleased with it.


Excellent Product

I have just fitted my new cover for the first time since its delivery in July and I would just like to say how pleased I am with it. Easily fitted and a very good fit for the caravan. Thank you for an excellent product.

Mr R Brown (Swift Challenger Sport Caravan Cover)
18th September 2014


I have just fitted the new cover to the caravan. Wonderful! It is so light for such a large twin axle caravan. It took my wife and me about 15 mins - (not bad for two septogenarians). We unpacked it on the back of the 4x4 and simply walked it over the van.
Thanks for your service
Tom Weston


The Easy Fit Option Does Just That

Received my cover on time on Thursday 21st August. Well packed in good condition.
Big improvement over old one, Much better fit, stronger velcrow. The Easy Fit option does exactly that.
Thanks very much for the good service.
I now look forward to receiving my front cover

Thanking you and the team at Protec.

Mr Overington. 01/08/2014

Cheerful and "human"

I received the latest towing cover yesterday and it fitted perfectly[...]Can I once again thank you for the fantastic service you have provided and the cheerful way in which you have dealt with the situation.  It's a breath of fresh air to speak with someone over the phone who is so helpful, cheerful and "human".  

Nick Howe 21/08/2014

It Fits Very Well

May we say how pleased we are with the latest version. Well designed, well made, and easier to use than the previous version (an important point as we are in our late seventies!). It fits very well.

RJ Ray 13/04/2014

We would highly recommend your company 

Ronald Stanley. 31/03/2014

Very Easy to Fit

I would just like to say how pleased I am with the towing cover. It was a quick delivery and it was very easy to fit to our new caravan. We had a 300 mile drive and the cover performed well. I would have no reservations in recommending Protec Covers.

Mike Mariner. 16/05/2014

Works Well

The towing cover works well and is of good quality material.
I recommend use of this cover it goes on easily and quickly would not tow without it now.

Alan Little. Amazon 5 stars


We thank you again for your product, customer service, and consideration.

Maurice & Sue Littlewood 11/02/2014


Excellent item, keeps all dirt, exhaust and stone chips off the front of the caravan, i would recommend this product.

June T. Amazon 5 stars

Solid Protection

"This is a very well designed and manufactured product indeed & well worth the reasonable price. Available in a number of sizes, the cover is easy to fit and we would have no hesitation recommending to all caravanners, giving peace of mind and solid protection to your considerable caravan investment when on the road."

Mr H Mills. Amazon 5 Stars


loving our towing cover!! Perfect to keep our Errol Eccles clean and stone chip free!!


"we are both very satisfied with the cover, and the ease in which we were able to use. It is so light in weight, after two weeks of the cover being on. We decided to go for a holiday, off with the cover, so easily folded and slipped into the bag, ready for our return.
   As you suggested, have washed and dried caravan, cover now on, all nice and “Snug” for the winter."

Pat & Des 20/10/2013


Cheers to Nick Davy for these pics


@ProtecCovers when u say easy fit boy do u mean easy- so much better than old one- liz shooter bailey discovery 462

03/06/2013 Twitter


I am happy to inform you that I have now managed to fit the cover to my ,van. After having complained to you about my order, it is only fair to now say a big "thank you" for providing a product of such obvious good quality, and the fit is perfect. So,all's well that ends well. Thank you again.



I recently received the cover for my caravan from you and have been waiting for the weather to improve so that the cover could be fitted. We managed to wash an dry the van today and then fit the cover. Can I tell you that I am delighted considering it was a first time fit and it was a rather windy all went really well. Well done Pro Tec from one highly delighted customer.



We saw your appearance on Dragons' Den and congratulate you on getting the investment you deserve.motorhome caravan_customer_pic

We bought a caravan cover from you in 2009 and have been so pleased with it that we have recently bought a cover for the Autosleeper motorvan which we acquired recently. Please see the attached photos of the two vehicles with their covers in our front drive. Difference in age between the 2 covers - 3 years. Please feel free to use these photos in your publicity.David and Isobel Birse 19/11/2012



the easyfit is magic, much easier to fit because the back rolls up and is held on velcro, once fitted you let the back down and it is secured by some very strong velcro, worth the extra. 10/08/2012


Used one for the last 2 years and towed around 6000 miles with it. I wouldn't be without it and haven't experienced any problems. I usually leave it on whilst towing down to Spain. Have towed through wind, rain and hail! Thinking of updating my Coachman VIP and have discounted this years model as I can't use a towing cover on it!

Caravan Club Forum



 Fitted my new cover this weekend and completely content with the fantastic quality and fit of the cover. As a quality engineer by profession I could not have wished for a better manufactured cover....fits like a glove and has been superbly manufactured. A Great British product. Mr A Foster. 02/10/2012


we decided to buy a Protec caravan cover for over the winter period. What with all the wind, rain and snow that threw down on the caravan this past winter it was shere joy to take the cover off in the Spring to find it as clean as the day we covered it both outside and inside. Best investemt we feel and well worth spending £350, 10% discount for CC members as well. No I don't work for the company but I welcome the extended life it will give our caravan!

Caravan Club Forum



We were really impressed by not only the quality of the service we received but also the quality of the product itself.........Your kindness blew us away and restored our faith in the best traditions of British business!

Rob and Joanna Taylor 06/01/12




We fitted the cover today and are delighted with the accuracy of the fit and the quality of manufacture. We are anticipating years of reliable use from the cover and full protection of our vehicle from the ravages of the British winter.We appreciated the quality of your dealings with us both by phone and e-mail. 




"I have just taken delivery of a new 2011 Bailey Seville caravan... you despatched to me a previously ordered new cover for the same. Although an only recently released model, you knew all about it and did not need any input from me re: dimensions etc. I have fitted the cover and am absolutely delighted. This is the fourth cover you have supplied to me...

You are to be congratulated on your customer service, apparent from the first telephone contact, and on your consistent excellent quality... Negative feedback is apparent everywhere in today's market but I am pleased to priase a business that does what it says on the tin!"

Mr Wilkinson - 24/01/2011


I invested in a Protec cover before last winter. Did an excellent job of keeping the Eriba safe & clean. We live surrounded by pine trees, so it is pretty essential round here.

A generic cover might have done as well but I was bothered about easy access and the cover blowing about in the wind.

Having a door in the cover exactly where the Eriba's door was located made getting access a lot easier. It also went on easily with the two poles supplied.

I was a bit shocked at the price, initially, but on the whole thought it was worth it.


I was won over with Pro tec, when asking for a cover to fit my "Ausie spec " GEIST. it has a status at the rear, air con unit in the middle, 2 heiki roof lights and an omnistor rollout fixed to the roof. When I told them it was coming with me to France and my concern was with sun damage more than trees or winter weather, they even advised the Grey finish model. We decided to go to their factory and the boss even came out and measured it up on the road.

Well I can advise that their product really is first class. We parked ours up after giving it a good clean and left in all that bad weather "snow and all " in England, back end of October. Uncovered and it still looked new. She now stands outside our place in France all clean and ready to roll. BTW. a note to anyone considering this product we've found that being the grey one, we can enter the 'van through sewn in door provided and it really is light inside too. Also as with Kelloggs if it aint got Protec on the cover it aint Protec.

indoors - 07/07/2010


I write to express my appreciation for both the quality of design and the workmanship that has been incorporated in the Motorhome cover that you supplied to me at the end of last year .

There seem to be few opportunities these days to say that a product is worth every penny spent on it, but the Pro-Tec cover that I bought from you is such an item. It is a perfect fit on my new Swift Escape 686, it is robust and it gives a very high level of protection to the vehicle. I still take pleasure in drawing back the cover just to see the pristine motorhome snuggling underneath it. After the terrible winter weather that we have experienced recently, one might expect the vehicle to be looking a little worse for its experience. However, that is not the case with mine. It remains as good as new.

I am sure that you have a library of photographs of your excellent product but please accept another from a satisfied customer.



Slide your Pro-Tec Cover on like a  glove!!! The EasyFit System is exclusive to Protec Covers and is now standard on all of our full Caravan and Motorhome covers.  Hook on the provided fitting poles to  the D-Rings, slide the cover into place and roll down the back panel. The EasyFit system couldn't be easier!!!





british manufacturerAll our covers are designed and manufactured in-house in Bradford, West Yorkshire by Pro-Tec Covers Ltd. None of our caravan or motorhome covers are outsourced. Our material, CaravanShield, has been exclusively developed in the UK and we are proud to say that it continues to be manufactured  here in the UK