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New Year, New Members of Staff.

We’re kicking off 2022 with a couple of new additions to our Protec family.

The last two years have been crazy (for a great many reasons) at our Bradford-based factory. Not the least being the massive uptick in orders for full caravan/motorhome covers and Towing Jackets as the sale of leisure vehicles has exploded during the pandemic.

As more and more orders came in, the larger our lead time became. In an effort to get your orders out to you as quickly as possible we’ve been actively searching for new members of staff to help improve customer service and cut lead times down.


Cutting Team

Our bespoke custom-fit motorhome and caravan covers are manufactured from precisely measured and cut panels to ensure a perfect fit. 

After buying a (second) state-of-the-art CNC machine to help keep up with demand, we needed someone to operate it.

Enter Aaron.

Aaron actually joined the Protec Covers cutting team towards the end of 2021 and completed his training shortly before the Christmas break.

With more than two years experience in the protective covers industry and over 5 years as a CNC machine operator, Aaron has slotted seamlessly into the team and is already up to speed and producing covers at a great rate of knots.


Sales Team

With our phones ringing off the hook and online sales pouring in faster than the British weather changes, it became clear that we need to bring in some support to bolster our expert, yet friendly sales team.



Sarah arrived at Protec Covers in early January and after only one day in the office is already manning the phone lines, taking your orders, and brightening up our day.

Similar to Aaron, Sarah boasts two and a half years of experience in talking to customers in the caravan and motorhomes industry, with a further four years of experience as a sales rep.

With her cheerful demeanor and friendly sales technique, Sarah will effortlessly guide you through your order and answer any questions you might have about our products.

Be sure to say hi if you bump into Sarah on the phone.


Protec Covers - Essential Information and Fitting & Care Instructions

Please read the PDF relevant to your purchase & watch the fitting tutorials before installing your Full Caravan Cover, Full Motorhome Cover, Towing Jacket or Towing Cover.

Full Caravan Cover Fitting Instructions

Click the PDF thumbnail for written instructions for fitting a full caravan cover.

Full Motorhome Cover Fitting Instructions

Click the PDF thumbnail for written instructions for fitting a full motorhome cover.

Towing Jacket Fitting Instructions

Click the PDF thumbnail for written instructions for fitting a Towing Jacket.

Eriba Towing Jacket Fitting Instructions

Click the PDF thumbnail for written instructions for fitting an Eriba Towing Jacket.

Swift Basecamp Towing Jacket Fitting Instructions

Click the PDF thumbnail for written instructions for fitting an Swift Basecamp Towing Jacket.

Generic Towing Cover Fitting Instructions

Click the PDF thumbnail for written instructions for fitting a Generic Towing Cover.

Full Caravan/Motorhome Cover Fitting Tutorial

Towing Jacket Fitting Tutorial

"Tiger Print" Information

Click the PDF thumbnail for information on the "Tiger Print" phenomenon.

Terms & Conditions Information

Click the PDF thumbnail for information on our Terms & Conditions.

Guarantee Information

Click the PDF thumbnail for information on our product guarantee.


9 Essential Tips for Making the Most of Your Winter Holidays


Caravanners and motorohome enthusiasts are a plucky bunch who won't have their holidays ruined by something as trivial as a little cold weather.

Or torrential rain.

Or a blizzard.

And with more and more caravan sites staying open all year round, you crazy cats are taking to the road for some festive adventures in even greater numbers. 

So, we’ve compiled a list of 9 Top Tips for winter holidaying.


Fit Winter Tyres To Your Vehicles

Towing a caravan or driving a monstrous motorhome can be hazardous at the best of times; add snow and ice into the equation, and you’ve got the potential for a nerve-racking journey.

Fitting winter tyres to your tow vehicle, caravan, or motorhome will improve the amount of grip you have on slippery roads. Steering will be more responsive, and stopping distances reduced when compared with comparable vehicles with standard boots.


Pack Tyre Grip Mats

While winter tyres give you a better chance of not getting stuck in snow, ice, or mud, they’re not infallible. 

If you get stranded but have tyre grip mats stored in your boot, you give yourself the best chance of working your way free. Slide these handy contraptions under your tyres so you can get some purchase in slippery conditions without going full Sebastien Loeb.


Drive Carefully & Plan Ahead

There’s not much worse when you’re towing a caravan or driving a behemoth motorhome than encountering a tank-slapper in treacherous conditions.

Reducing your speed and making more considering steering inputs will stabilise your vehicle, while evenly distributing the weight throughout your van will lessen your chances of getting sideways.

It’s also a good idea not to set a timescale on your journey so you don’t feel compelled to rush on the road.


Fit a Towing Jacket

Installing a Towing Jacket to the front of your caravan in the winter months will stop your pride and joy from getting absolutely filthy from sludge and dirty rainwater. It’ll also help guard against any potential minor damage that could be caused by flying road debris.

Don’t install a towing cover to the front of your motorhome because that would be crazy.


Take Clothing For All Weathers

If you’ve lived in the UK for more than a couple of weeks, you’ll be well aware of the unpredictable nature of the British weather. Last November, I wore shorts, a t-shirt, and sunglasses while I took a walk to the shop, only for a blizzard to hit us with its full fury a couple of weeks later.

Cover all your winter bases with a selection of clothing to cater to all weathers. Boots, wellies, shoes, jackets, coats, jumpers, and t-shirts. All comers are welcome.


Buy a Spare Battery

Having a spare battery for your caravan or motorhome is just good sense whether it’s winter or not. 

Having a power failure while you’re trying to enjoy your winter retreat can ruin your entire getaway. But if you have a spare battery at your disposal, you can quickly connect it and carry on having fun.


Use Propane Gas Instead of Butane

Using propane gas in your heating and cooking systems is far more efficient in cold weather conditions than butane gas.

Butane gas becomes almost unusable when temperatures fall below zero, whereas propane is perfectly serviceable at any temperature that you would be comfortable going caravanning in.


Utilise Antifreeze in Wastewater

Nothing hampers your daily routines like having to unfreeze your toilet when you’re bursting for a pee (or worse). 

Adding antifreeze to your waste system will simultaneously stop your fluids from turning to ice and keep you regular. Make sure you find an appropriate tutorial before attempting this. NEVER introduce antifreeze to systems that come into contact with water that you’ll consume, or a frozen toilet will be the least of your worries.


Service Your Heating System

Check your heating system before you set off, or go one better and have it serviced if it’s been a while.

Unless you’re a polar bear or penguin, chances are you won’t have a fun holiday if the heating system in your caravan or motorhome fails while you’re away in the winter months.



How Good are Protec Full Motorhome & Caravan Covers & Towing Jackets?

Of course, we’re going to tell you that our exclusive Towing Jackets offer the most protection and are easier to fit than any other towing cover out there. And you don’t have to take our word for it when we say Protec Covers products are the best caravan covers and premium motorhome covers on the market. 
Keith & Michele of “Carefree Caravanning” have road-tested our products to give you their honest opinion of how functional, versatile, and easy-to-use our covers really are. 
Check out this video to find out what they think.



5 Most Common Areas of Caravan Damage [& How to Prevent Them]


“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” - Robert Burns.


Life is unpredictable, and even the most fastidious caravanner can be on the receiving end of unwanted damage to their pride and joy through no fault of their own.

Specialist caravan insurance company “Caravan Guard” has cited the 10 most common claims they receive and the areas of the caravan that are most likely to get dinged up.

Some of these potential issues are more likely to occur than others and are eminently more preventable if you’re armed with the proper knowledge.

We’re going to look at how we can help you protect against 50% of these problem areas.


Front Window

A caravan’s front window is easily the largest window on the vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s also the window that’s the most vulnerable to damage, especially when you’re towing it down the motorway.

It’s no secret that our roads in the UK are both over-populated and under-maintained, so there’s tons of debris on the tarmac lying in wait to deliver the bad news to your caravan window. 

If you damage your front window, you’re looking at a repair bill between £200 and £800 (depending on the severity of the damage), which is money you could be using on something much more fun.

Fortunately, we designed our exclusive Protec Towing Jackets to specifically guard against this type of problem. Our exclusive fabric will guard against any stones, pebbles, or whatever unexpected piece of rubbish from scratching, chipping, cracking, or even breaking your caravan window. 

Not only is our registered Towing Jacket design super simple to use, we think it looks pretty sleek too.



If your caravan’s front window is the highest risk area to take damage when you’re towing your van, then the roof is the most likely candidate to take a battering when it’s parked up, especially in the autumn and winter months.

The high winds we frequently experience in the UK send rubbish and debris hurtling through the air and cause bits of tree to fall off and undoubtedly smash into the top of your caravan.

While it’s nigh-on impossible to prevent freak accidents (entire tree branches fall onto the roof of your vehicle for example), you can stop your caravan’s roof from taking minor damage (which could lead to leaking) by fitting one of our Protec Full Covers. Our covers form a protective barrier between your home away from home and those troublesome airborne missiles. 



While the most common form of damage to your A-Frame will come from towing issues and are mostly preventable by sensible driving (that’s all on you), you can still suffer aesthetical damage if you leave your A-Frame uncovered while you’re not using it.

All our Protec Full Caravan Covers come with a free A-Frame cover that will help in the battle against scratches, dings, and dents. Every little helps, right?


Front Panels

Your caravan’s front panel is the most vulnerable area of the vehicle to get pinged by unsighted bollards, garden fences, rubbish bins, and anything else that’s about knee-high. 

Our Towing Jackets are reinforced all along the bottom of the cover to help better protect your van from low-speed bumps, knocks, and scrapes. That extra layer can be all that stands between you and a potential repair bill of over £1000.



While skylights are technically part of the roof, Caravan Guard has found specific claims for damage to skylights are on the rise and have cracked (pun intended, because we’re hilarious) the top ten of most common claims from caravan owners.

Skylights give caravan owners better light inside their homes and improve climate control. Unfortunately, the perspex windows aren’t as structurally sound as the roofs themselves, and as a result, they’re more easily damaged by severe weather conditions.

Not surprisingly, our Full Caravan Covers can easily prevent damage to your skylight thanks to our robust fabric that repels large hailstones and pesky projectiles to help prevent cracks, breakages, and ultimately, leakages.


Cover All Your Bases …

Even if the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take preventative measures to ensure the safety of your caravan and your bank balance the best you can.

While we can’t help you guard against driver-induced damage, a quick visit to our online store or a phone call to our expert (yet super friendly) sale team is all that stands between you and your peace of mind

Spending a little money on prevention now is far more affordable than shelling out for exorbitant repairs later and potentially putting the dampeners (quite literally in some cases) on any future getaways.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; order your Protec Full Caravan Cover today.


100% Made in the UK

All our Caravan Covers, Motorhome Covers, and Towing Covers are designed and manufactured in-house in Bradford, West Yorkshire by Protec Covers Ltd. None of our products are outsourced. Our material, CaravanShield, has been exclusively developed in the UK and we are proud to say that it continues to be manufactured  here in the UK