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Top Towing Tips for the Winter

Winter is well and truly here, and we know for most of you, you will be heading off somewhere to spend your Christmas holidays! If you are going to be towing a caravan this Winter, there are certain things you can do to make your journey safer and being prepared is the best practice when it comes to winter weather.

Take a look at our top towing tips below and make sure your journey is as safe as can be this Winter!

Alert others!

If you are heading out on a journey you need to make sure that other drivers know that you are going to be towing a vehicle. Use warning triangles and put them around your vehicle and the vehicle that you are towing.  You should also wear reflective vests so that drives can see you and other passengers.

Build up tension slowly

To avoid loss of grip, we would always recommend pulling away in second gear – the more gradually you move off the less vehicle damage. It goes without saying, but you should also drive as slowly as you can (as long as it’s safe).

If you modulate the clutch, you will avoid snapping the rope and this will stop a jerking action in the vehicle that is being towed and stop the tow rope snapping.

Don’t go downhill

Again, a pretty straightforward tip but you do need to be aware of it! If you tow downhill, then the risks of the towed vehicle running into the back of your car or overtaking you increase. This would cause a bad accident, which would not be ideal in the best of times, especially not in winter conditions!

Prepare for the worst

Even if your car is up to scratch, there’s no sure way to know you won’t get stuck or breakdown. It’s always good to be prepared! We would recommend having some food, water, and warm clothing spare in your car – you could even have an emergency blanket if your heating cuts out a freezing car is the last place you want to be stuck! Thanks to advances in technology, we would also recommend having a small portable phone charger in case your phone is running low and you need it in an emergency.

If the weather is extremely bad conditions, you should avoid travelling if possible. Listen to travel advice and if you must travel, make sure that you have thoroughly planned out your journey and know where you’re going to keep travelling as efficiently as possible.

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