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Tips for travelling with pets

When you’re heading on a caravan or motorhome holiday, it can be hard to leave your furry friends behind. But, you don’t have to! Many UK Caravanners and motorhome enthusiasts take their pooches to campsites every year.

If you’re new to travelling with pets, we have put together some handy tips on what to prepare and things to expect when travelling with pets!

Pet Passport

If you only plan to travel in the UK, this won’t be a problem. However if your holiday plans stretch further afield, you will need to make sure your pet has a pet passport that enables them to travel outside of the UK. We would recommend preparing this a few months before you plan to travel to allow plenty of time for it to arrive!

Another thing to consider if you are travelling outside of the UK is the UK law that pets require a worming treatment before re-entry into the UK.  If you are wondering about the laws surrounding taking pets in and out of the UK you can find everything you need to know here.

Suitable Restraint

The Highway Code states that animals must be suitably restrained when travelling. This is to make sure they don’t distract you whilst you’re driving or cause and injury to you or themselves. There are many different restraints for dogs especially available so maybe trial some different restraints before your trip to see what your pet feels most comfortable with; this could be a dog seatbelt or a cage.

Planned Stops

No matter the distance of your journey, it is a good consideration to have a planned stop on the way. Your pooch will definitely be excited and it’s good to avoid any accidents happening on the way!

Animal Restrictions

If you’re heading to a campsite the likelihood is that you have already done your research. But if it is your first time travelling with a pet, you may need to do extra research to make sure that your campsite definitely allows animals. Some campsites do not allow pets or they will have restrictions such as lead-only areas. We would recommend giving the campsite a call or having a look online to be certain your pet will be allowed.

Travelling with your pets to a campsite is so fun; our owners have done it for years with their dogs and always have plenty of great stories when they return. If you consider all of the above, you too will be able to make some amazing memories with your family and of course, your pet!

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