How to Accurately Measure Your Caravan for the Perfect Cover

Getting your measurements right for your caravan cover will help to ensure that you get the highest level of protection from your cover and it will also make your cover last for longer. However, most good quality cover shops such as Pro-Tec will be able to help you work out the exact measurements, as they will know the measurements for each model.

Pro-Tec has been manufacturing covers for over 20 years, so we know everything there is to know about measuring caravan and motorhome covers. Pro-tec do have an extensive catalogue of patterns for both caravans and motorhomes so majority of the time you will not need to take any measurements in order to order a cover.

Here are some tips for getting your measurements as accurate as possible in the instances that you might need to measure:

  1. Measure the body length of your vehicle, parallel to the ground on both ends (not including caravan a-frame).
  2. Allow for any  external items such as bike racks and satellite dishes.

The measurement for standard covers does not include width or height, the sizes are based on length only for the purpose of getting the correct price for a cover for your caravan. All pro-tec covers are bespoke to each make and model and we use our extensive list of patterns and measurements we take in order to manufacture our covers.

Why you need a perfectly fitting cover

A cover that fits perfectly will be able to provide better protection from condensation, winds, rain and all of the other problems that can damage your vehicle if it is not covered properly. Covers that are too large will usually need to get strapped down and can get damaged in strong winds.

Our innovative Easy-Fit system helps to achieve the snuggest fit possible, as well as allowing a fast and easy way to cover your caravan or motorhome. With most other cover designs, you need to climb up a stepladder to try and fit your cover, which can be particularly problematic when it is windy or you’re in heavy rain. The Easy-Fit system and cover design allow you to quickly and easily fit your cover from the safety of the ground.

If you would like some help with getting the right measurements for the cover for your motorhome or caravan, contact our friendly team and we can show you why Pro-Tec covers are the best quality covers, as well as the easiest to fit.

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