Put your caravan to bed properly!

Many caravans and motorhomes go in hibernation mode during winter, this means a few checks and measurements must be in place to make sure it’s suitable for summer in a few months! We have listed some tips to consider when storing your caravan in the coming months: 


  • Let’s start with a good cleaning of the caravan, this means everything inside and outside, including the roof! Clean all air vents of debris that could cause blockage and take away all food items. A good cleanse will prevent the caravan from growing mould and moss during winter. 
  • To prevent frost damage, you must empty all water in your drains and pipes. Make use of a drainage kit to blow out any residue or remaining water from your pipe system. Keep all the taps open during winter to allow water to expand freely without putting pressure on the system. 
  • Disconnect the gas, make sure it is switched off and isolated. 
  • You usually don’t have to worry about your electrics; however, you can’t forget about the leisure battery. Remove it from the caravan and connect it to a charger occasionally to make sure the battery is always up to charge. It always needs some charge in it, or it will become useless. 
  • If you can move the caravan a little every few weeks to put pressure on different parts of the tires, then definitely do so. Leave the handbrake off and chock the tyres with a brick or wheel chock. 
  • Keep everything inside the caravan open, cupboards, cooker, drawers, fridgeeverything! If possible, take cushions and bedding inside the house to prevent them from taking up moisture. You can invest in dehumidifiers to put inside the caravan to prevent condensation and damp. 
  • Completely drain the flush of the toilet, clean the tank, and the inside with special chemicals you can find in the shop. Pro tip: use some olive oil on the seal to ensure proper closure. Leave the toilet cassette open to air out during the winter months as well. 


When all this is done, your caravan is ready to be put to bed properly. For ultimate protection, you can opt for Pro-Tec cover to keep it protected. Especially when your caravan is stored outside this will protect it from extreme weather conditions, such as frost, scrapes during storms, and condensation.  


We’ve created our very own, unique fabric that consists of a waterproof layer, a patented breathable membrane and a soft inner layer to prevent scratching. Our covers are fully breathable, waterproof and UV stable. To shop our range of caravan and motorhome covers, simply visit our website here.