How Winter Can Damage Your Caravan

Over the winter months, without even looking at the weather forecast we can usually expect to contend with heavy rain, ice, snow and wind as a minimum. As well as being unpleasant at times, the bad weather can also be very harmful to vehicles, so if you have a caravan, you should be wary of the different types of damage and how best to protect it.  


A caravan is not only an expensive purchase, it is your home away from home and the gateway to many adventures for years to come, so it is obviously in your best interest to give it the highest level of protection possible. These are some of the winter hazards and risks to look out for: 


Paintwork damage 


Some people think that a bit of rain can actually help clean their paintwork and whilst it might help to reduce a layer of dirt, there are contaminants in rain that can damage paintwork. Pollutants are collected from the air, which can damage a paint surface, especially if there is any sitting water on top of your vehicle.  


When snow sits directly on your paintwork this also causes the same problem. When it is icy, grit will often get applied to roads and this can scratch bodywork, so if you haven’t got a cover for your caravan, you should try to store it away from any roads that are likely to get gritted. 


Tyre cracking 


Your caravan’s tyres are also at risk in winter due to the cold weather, as rubber becomes very rigid and brittle in cold temperatures, which can lead to them cracking. 


Broken seals and damp 


Your vehicle’s seals are another concern in the bad weather, as the rubber can get damaged in the freezing weather and wind and rain can also compromise your seals. If any of your seals become loose then moisture will be getting into your caravan and will often lead to damp. So, you should regularly check your seals for any sign of damage and get them replaced or fixed when you identify an issue to prevent the damage from leading to damp. 


How to protect from these winter risks 


You can keep your caravan well protected by fitting it with a high-quality Pro-Tec cover that is designed to combat all the risks of winter, as well as offering all year-round protection from other damage such as UV rays and debris. Pro-Tec covers are customised to your vehicle to ensure a perfect fit, which reduces the possibility of any moisture getting between your caravan and the cover 


The innovative fabric (Caravanshieldused in our covers has outstanding waterproof performance, withstanding up to 1 metre of water, so even the UK’s worst rainfall won’t get through it. If you want to make sure that your caravan is ready to go straight after the winter and to keep it in peak condition for longer, a Pro-Tec cover is an essential buy. 


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