One Zero Zero Bucks Given

For the first time ever Pro-tec are putting our money where

our mouth is, by offering a massive £100 discount on our full

winter covers when you trade in your old cover.

We can’t do this forever so this offer will only be available

for the month of June.

So, act now and find out why our standards aren’t standard.

Read more for full T&C's




Terms & Conditions


From here on in the customer’s cover will be reference to as the “trade in” cover.

From here on in the term “Offer” will refer to “£100 discount”.

Section 1

·         The Offer is exclusive to new full caravan and motorhome covers orders only.

·         The Offer is exclusive to orders placed in the month of June 2021. From Tuesday the 1st of June at 00.01 to Wednesday 30th of June at 11.59pm.

·         To receive the offer the trade in cover must reach us within 30 days of placing your order with Pro-tec Covers, along with proof of purchase for the trade in cover.

·         The trade in cover cannot be older than 4 years or 1460 day from the date of the original purchase.

Section 2

·         Any damaged trade in cover is still eligible for the offer.

·         The trade in cover must be free of animal debris or it will be considered ineligible for the offer.

·         Overly soiled trade in cover will be classed as ineligible for the offer.


If in doubt of eligibility of the trade in cover please provide pictures before sending the trade in cover to Pro-tec Covers.


Section 3

·         Only the trade in cover needs to be sent to Pro-tec Covers, poles, straps etc are not required to be eligible for the Offer.

·         It is the customer’s responsibility to have the trade in cover sent to us. Pro-tec is not liable for any postage costs.

·         Pro-tec is not liable for any trade in cover lost in transit.

·         Pro-tec will accept the trade in cover hand delivered by the customer. Social distancing rules may apply.

Section 4

·         The offer will be added to the new full cover orders (see section 1) once the trade in cover has been examined (see section 2).

·         Upon examination if the trade in cover is deemed ineligible (see section 2) it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange that the trade in cover is collected.

·         If an ineligible trade in cover is not collected after 90 day it becomes the property of Pro-tec covers and will be disposed of accordingly.

·         The trade in cover offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discount.

It is the sole right of Pro-tec covers to refuse a trade in cover without explanation.