How to Prevent and Deal with Damp on Your Caravan

As a caravan owner, one of the problems that you want to avoid is damp growing inside your caravan. With caravans generally having less ventilation than your house, you have to take extra measures to try and prevent damp or at least know how to deal with it as soon as possible to minimise the damage.

Damp is not only a problem that is unpleasant to have within your caravan, it can also be very costly to repair, so it is important to know what to look out for and how you can stop damp from appearing in your caravan. Here are some tips for protecting your caravan from damp:

Keep your caravan well ventilated

Get fresh air into your caravan as often as possible by keeping windows and roof vents open when you are using the caravan. It is particularly important to ventilate the caravan immediately after taking a shower or while you are cooking, as these activities will cause moisture to build up inside. Moisture can also get trapped inside cupboards and rooms, so open all internal doors and cupboards as well.

Install a damp meter

You can buy a special meter to install inside your caravan that measures the amount of water in the air, to help you to monitor this. A reading that shows there is more than 15% water in the air is usually cause for concern and you should look at what is causing the problem and try to resolve it before it leads to dampness.

Dry clothes outside

A major cause of damp inside any type of property is drying clothes inside, so you should try to always dry clothes outside wherever possible. Buying a portable washing line to use outside should help you to dry clothes outdoors when the weather allows. You should also remove bedding and towels when you are not using the caravan, as moisture can get caught in these fabrics.

Use a moisture trap or dehumidifier

If the water level in the air is measuring as high, it might be a good idea to buy a moisture trap or dehumidifier to remove the water from the air. You can buy ones that will automatically switch on when the humidity gets to a certain level.

Check your seals, seams, ceilings and walls

You should regularly check through your caravan for any signs of damp, which will usually be a dark colour but in the early stages could just be moisture gathering in places. After taking a shower or cooking, make sure you wipe surfaces down with a dry cloth or towel to remove any residue. You also need to be regularly checking the seals and seams on your caravan for any signs of damage that could lead to dampness.

If you do find any mould or mildew, you should use a specialist mould spray to clean the mould off the surface and then keep the area well ventilated in future.

Damp can cause severe damage to the interior of your caravan, but you may also experience dampness on the exterior of your caravan, especially if your caravan cover is not designed to be breathable. Many covers on the market are waterproof but not breathable, which means moisture will build upon the exterior walls and roof, often leading to dampness.

Pro-Tec Covers have been expertly designed to provide waterproof protection, but the material is also breathable, allowing moisture to escape and therefore prevent exterior damp.

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