Security Measures for Your Caravan

Unfortunately, caravan thefts and break-ins have been increasing, with thieves looking for what they see as easy targets with caravans not usually having as good quality security measures as properties do. Therefore, it is important to review your existing security setup to see what more you can do to protect your caravan.

Here are some top tips for improving your caravan security:

Remove belongings when your caravan is not in use

When you are packing up your belongings to leave your caravan, do not be tempted to leave any expensive items in your caravan, such as electronic devices. If you have to leave any valuable items inside your caravan, make sure that they are kept out of sight.

Choose a secure caravan storage site

Fees for caravan storage can vary greatly but you shouldn’t compromise the security of your caravan for the sake of saving a few pounds each year. When you choose your caravan storage site, check what the security measures are, including CCTV, perimeter fencing and whether there is security staff on site.

Secure all windows and doors

If your caravan does not already have strong, secure locks on your windows and doors then you should have some fitted. Some caravans have plastic window latches that are easy to break, so you should replace them with locks made from steel, or an alternative material that provides a high level of lock security.

Install an alarm system

A powerful deterrent to thieves is an alarm system that will emit a loud siren if a window or door is opened while the system is in operation. You can also buy ones that use infra-red sensors to identify movement. There is now a wide range of affordable caravan alarm systems available to buy, many of which are simple to install yourself. By installing an alarm system, you may also be able to reduce the amount that you pay for your caravan insurance policy each year.

Use devices to lock your caravan

There are many additional devices that will make it more difficult for thieves to take your caravan. A good quality hitch lock should be used to lock the coupling head onto a cover. You can also use a clamp and locking wheel nuts on the wheels and chain your caravan to a secure point with a heavy-duty chain. All of these additional measures will take thieves more time and effort to steal your caravan, which is likely to put them off.

Use a caravan cover

A caravan cover has multiple uses, it can protect your vehicle from damage from rain, as well as protection from harmful UV rays but it can also help protect it from being stolen. Using a cover on your vehicle will deter thieves because it will make it harder for them to break in and also there will be no items visible through the caravan windows.

Buying a cover that perfectly fits your vehicle will give your caravan  an added level of protection, so if you need a high-quality cover that fits around your caravan tightly, shop at Pro-Tec Covers.