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5 Horrifying Halloween Events [& Caravan Sites To Stay At]


While the caravanning and motorhome season is almost dead and buried, we’re not quite done yet, and there’s still time for one last getaway before packing up for the winter.

With Halloween only a few days away, why not have a half-term break and have fun scaring the kids at the same time?

Here’s our list of top five Halloween events and spooky getaways so you can treat (or trick) your family this weekend.

Don’t be a lazy-bones; it’s time to have some skele-fun.


Scarefest 2021 - Alton Towers - Staffordshire

Alton Towers can be a scary place at the best of times, but in October, they really vamp it up with their annual ‘Scarefest’ event.

Have the bejesus scared out of you with their world-class selection of hair-raising roller coasters, live Halloween shows, and the “terrifying maze”, or take a stroll through the Alton Towers dungeons or take the “Garden Lights Walk: Whispering Souls”.

There are three caravan sites nearby to choose from, the Lower Micklin Touring Park, Alton The Star Caravan & Camping Club Site, or the Rue Hill Campsite, all of which are open to the public until at least the beginning of November.


Hallowscream - York Maze - North Yorkshire

Have yourself a fang-tastic time at York Maze’s award-winning ‘Hallowscream’.

This bone-chilling event will have your knees-a-knocking with some of the best live-action haunted house attractions (that feature over 100 actors) that take place on a scary old farm where tragedy occurred in 1873.

York Maze’s event is so blood-curdling that it’s not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Tow your caravan to the Ashfield Touring Caravan Park and make a weekend of it (don’t forget your Jacket).


Shocktober Fest - Tulleys Scream Park - West Sussex 

Tulleys ‘Shocktober Fest’ should only be attended by fearless, hardcore Halloween fanatics. 

This live-action event features ravenous zombies, killer clowns, insane prisoners, and vengeful witches that makes for an eerie-sistibly good time. There’s also street theatre and open-air pizza ovens for you to enjoy.

If you don’t want to stay at the on-site hotel, the Gatwick Caravan Club Park is nearby.


Edinburgh Zoo Spooktacular - Edinburgh Zoo - Scotland

If roller coasters, zombies, and haunted farms aren’t your goblet of blood, maybe a night at the zoo is more your speed.

The ‘Edinburgh Zoo Spooktacular’ sees the world-famous animal park open their doors after-dark and offer weary travelers the chance of a magical, illuminated tour of the zoo with some creepy characters and frightening folks to meet along the way.

The most highly-rated site in the area is the ‘Linwater Caravan Park’, which offers residents easy access to local attractions.


Vampire Pleasure Beach - Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Lancashire

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a timeless classic for days out and weekends away. Blackpool’s ‘Vampire Pleasure Beach’ extravaganza is an all-ages event ‘witches’ fun for all the family.

While you can still enjoy the fear-some roller coasters, there are tons of un-boo-lievable activities for your little monsters. There’s pumpkin carving, werewolf hunting, and even a late-night fireworks display to ward off the demons in the park.

For Mummies and less-bandaged Daddies, there’s the ‘Scream Screen’, which is a drive-in movie showing horror flicks that you’ll be dying to see.

Park your van at the ‘Lakeside Caravan Park & Freshwater Fishery’ for the most convenient trip to the nether-realms. 


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Note: Remember that Covid-19 safety protocols may still be in place at these parks and events, so please be respectful, wear a mask, and don’t be coffin all over other patrons.


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