Protec Covers Embrace Digital

Over the last year we have been working hard towards making massive changes here at Protec Covers.  In 2012 and 2013 we invested in CNC Machines to help us to continue to make the best products you can buy at the best price possible whilst still manufacturing in the UK and ensuring that we maintain our high standards.

We know that machinery is nothing without great people so we have been busy finding and training and they have been working hard to digitise our huge database of patterns.  To accomodate these huge changes we moved premises in April so please update your records if you haven't already done so.

As part of our move we are proud to be participating in Bradford's City Growth Zone to keep growing and strengthening UK manufacturing which also means it's even easier to get to us as we can be easily accessed via all the major roads into Bradford centre and we are also just 1 minute's walk from the Bus and Rail Stations.  We're also just 3 minutes away from the exciting new Westfield Shopping Centre, National Media Museum, theatres and of course our world-famous curries.  So why not come and pay us a visit and enjoy the city whilst you're here.


Towing Covers with Foam

Towing Covers with foam protection

Protec Covers are the orginal innovators of towing covers for caravans and our design has evolved through rigorous testing and customer feedback over the years.  One of our early towing skirt protecters had a foam protection and we have been asked if we can offer this option with our present towing covers.  The simple answer is no we don't.

The reason that we stopped using foam protection is that firstly we saw that it wasn't necessary as the ProTex003 material is already sturdy enough but the other issues that those early designs had were problems with water absorbtion.  Even though we are basking in sunshine at the moment we all unfortunately know that we are famous for copious amounts of rain.  The problem our customers experienced was not only did rain find it's way into the foam, making it hard to dry out but added weight to the cover often causing the cover to slide whilst in transit.  As soon as we realised this issue we stopped manufacturing the skirts with foam inners.

Therefore we stuck to the orginal material to avoid any possible problems this could create and we're happy to say that we took the right decision as our award winning tow covers protect your caravan and are light, sturdy and waterproof.

Do we Manufacture Front Towing Covers in Darker Colours?

We often get asked if we can manufacture our caravan towing covers in darker colours instead of the light grey that we use. We therefore consulted a 3rd party expert in caravan body shells and windows and their chemical makeup and they have strongly advised us against doing so. The reason for this is due to cyclic nature of the change in temperature from being stationery and being in transit. Due to the heat absorption with darker colours the temperature can rapidly fluctuate between 10 and 15 degrees presenting the possibility of serious damage to the bodywork, such as the glued seals becoming warped or actually breaking.

As our towing covers are manufactured in light grey then the majority of the heat is reflected and therefore avoids any such problems from arising.

Happy Halloween

pumpkin caravan

Happy Halloween from everyone here at Protec Covers, we found this pic of an old Sprite Caravan and yes before you ask, we do have a pattern for it! If you've got any good Halloween shots share them with us on our Facebook page, follow us clicking on the icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Fast Track Orders

Some of our customers have enquired about a fast track service for caravan covers in which you pay to get your cover sooner. 

So do we offer a fast track system, the answer is no.  So why don't we offer this service?

Here at Protec Covers we strongly believe in great customer service and all our customers are dealt with the same level  of service and attention and that's why we don't believe that one customer should get priority over another simply because they are prepared to pay more money. Money can't buy you everything.

What you do get for your money is a supreme, quality product manufactured by our highly experienced team delivered to your doorstep at no extra cost and the all the guarantees of a professional limited company.