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Are there myths?

The age-old debate of whether to use a caravan cover or not transcends space and time.

Maybe that’s a little overdramatic, but there are two distinct camps in the caravan community, and both sets of opinions are valid. It all boils down to personal opinion and what’s right for you and your vehicle. 


Occasionally, the “Not Cover” group espouses their cause with one or more inaccuracies. I should make it clear that rarely are these untruths spread maliciously, but more because the unfortunate caravanner has been misled.

Today, we will dispel five common misconceptions that may have stopped you from buying a caravan cover in the past.

"Caravan covers cause damp"

The most common enquiry our sales team encounters is … 

“But won’t a storage cover make my caravan sweat & cause damp?”

While the answer is a little more complicated than a straight “no”, if you’re short on time, I’ll tell you that Protec covers products absolutely, positively do NOT cause damp, mould, or mildew.

The broader answer to the question is that it depends on the quality of your cover.  

Cheap, sub-standard products aren’t breathable. Any moisture trapped under the cover can’t escape, causing condensation build-up and, if left for a prolonged period, will cause damp, which is incredibly expensive to repair.

We designed our fabric to be breathable so that trapped moisture can evaporate through the material. Not only that, our exclusive fabric is 3.5 times more breathable than our competitors.

"Caravan covers are difficult to fit"

Certain caravan covers can be difficult to fit. This is true. However, our exclusive Easy-Fit system removes the frustration of protecting your caravan.

Inferior covers require you to lift the whole thing above the height of your vehicle and then shimmy it down the ‘van (avoiding any roof furniture) and then awkwardly try to get it in place.

Our snazzy design lets you roll up the back panel and walk the cover down the caravan without massive amounts of stretchage (it’s not a word, but we’re going with it).

Check out our easy-to-follow fitting guide to see how easy we make it.

"Caravan covers are completely waterproof"

People often confuse waterproofivity (also not a word, but we’ve used it before, and we love it) with water resistance.

Waterproof fabric is impervious to water; no matter how much wet stuff it meets, it can repel it. In contrast, water-resistant material will let some water through when it meets its limit.

Most covers aren’t waterproof, and if they are, they most certainly aren’t breathable (any company claiming their covers are 100% waterproof and breathable isn’t being honest with you). 

Our covers aren’t waterproof, but don’t let that worry you because they’re water-resistant and can withstand up to a meter of standing water (to maintain breathability).

And let’s face it, if you have a meter of standing water on top of your caravan, you’ll need a speed boat rather than a caravan cover.

"Caravan covers can scratch your vehicles windows and bodywork"

Unless your goal is to scratch your caravan beyond repair, you’ll want to avoid putting an abrasive fabric against the bodywork and windows of your vehicle.

Many people are under the (wrong) impression that all caravan covers have a scratchy material that’s detrimental to preserving the value of your home-away-from-home. And while it’s true that some companies use poor quality fabric that could cause significant damage, we do not.

Our fabric does NOT scratch the paint on caravans or motorhomes, not only that it actually polishes the body and windows thanks to our soft inner lining. 

If you’ve ever visited our stand at the NEC Caravan & Motorhome show, you might have seen our demonstration where we attach a piece of our fabric to a drill-head and run it across a caravan window to prove that our covers will, without a doubt, not damage your vehicle.

Don't believe everything you hear...

While we understand the irony of being told not to believe everything you read on the internet via the internet, we’re in a position to put our money where our mouth is.

We have the means to back up our claims that our covers are breathable, easy to fit, water-resistant, and won’t scratch your vehicle. 

So, if any of these myths were stopping you from investing in protecting your caravan, we hope we’ve alleviated your fears.