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Though our covers aren’t machine-washable, they’re still relatively easy to clean using a soft brush and a hosepipe. DO NOT use power washers, harsh detergents, chemicals, or abrasive cleaning utensils as you risk damaging the fabric on your cover, reducing the cover’s effectiveness, and voiding your warranty. For any stubborn stains, you can add soap flakes (the kind you’d use for delicate clothing) to your warm water to help remove the dirt and grime.

We recommend cleaning your full cover at least once a year to prevent the breathable pores from becoming blocked.

We also offer a cleaner specially designed for your cover, available to purchase here.

All our covers come with easy-to-follow fitting guides that walk you through the fitting process with precise instructions.

Alternatively, click here for fitting instructions and video tutorials.

Not at all. In fact, the reinforced Easy-Fit panel gives the cover extra stability.

All our products go through stringent tests before they go on sale to the public. Our covers have been put through their paces by some of the biggest names in the industry.

We designed our full covers and towing jackets to protect your caravan or motorhome from damage. As a result, our covers occasionally sacrifice themselves to save your vehicle from expensive repairs.

Don’t despair, because your cover is damaged doesn’t mean it’s reached the end of its life. We supply additional fabric with every full cover that you can use to repair minor damage. If you have the sewing skills, you can stitch a small patch over the affected area; alternatively, use Evo-Stik 528 Contact Adhesive to glue your material in place.

If your cover has suffered extensive damage, it may need to come back to our factory so our expert team can assess the problem and repair the cover where possible. A small charge may be applicable if not within warranty.

No, you can’t. We designed our towing jackets and covers to protect your caravan while you’re on the road. However, because it’s only a partial cover, it won’t protect the roof and rear of your vehicle while it’s in storage.

Left for extended periods, there’s more chance of debris finding its way behind the cover. Towing a dirty caravan with a Towing Jacket installed can potentially scratch your paintwork.


Under UK law, your caravan’s front lights must be visible at all times while you’re towing your caravan and you have to be able to operate the lights from your towing vehicle.

Our towing jacket range is tailored to each vehicle and comes with perspex windows as standard. If you buy a classic towing cover, we’ll issue you with a light panel kit that you can attach to your towing cover in the correct position.

Some competitors sell towing covers that come with manual/push-button light kits; these kinds of lights are not road legal and could land you in trouble if you’re caught using them.

All our covers are different sizes and, as a result, have different weights. However, here are the approximate weights of each type of cover as they’re dispatched:

  • Caravan 8kg
  • Motorhome 10-12kg
  • Horse trailer 8kg
  • Folding Camper 6kg
  • Towing Jackets 2kg

We provide free fitting poles with all of our full caravan and motorhome covers as standard, as part of our exclusive Easy-Fit system. If you lose your poles, or they get damaged, you can purchase a set of two replacements on our website. View here.

We have thousands of patterns on our database, and while we strive to keep it up to date, there are instances when we don’t have the requested vehicle on file.

On these rare occasions, we’ll attempt to source the exact model from a local dealer to take the dimensions from, or we offer a free onsite measuring service where we’ll measure your caravan or motorhome for your cover (it’ll take about an hour).

If you’d prefer to do the measurements yourself, we can ask you to fill in a simple dimensions sheet that our expert staff will be on hand to help you with. You can also view our measurements guide for assistance.

For any fitments or attachments, we may require measurements to confirm their exact position so that your cover will fit your vehicle perfectly.

When you place your order, you’ll have the option to have a perspex window fitted to the roof so your solar panel will continue storing energy when the cover is on your vehicle.

We use UV stable, fire-resistant perspex that won’t overheat your solar panel or cause any damage. Our expert sewing machinists will install the window for the panel so your cover will stay waterproof.

Yes, it does. All our full covers are tailored to fit your vehicle perfectly. Whether your external items are factory standard or aftermarket attachments, we’ll put allowances into the fabric so that your cover still fits to perfection (we may need a few measurements from you if your model isnt within our database, or for any of your fitted extras). If we need any measurements from you, we will get in contact after your order.

Our exclusive fabric is waterproof up to 1 metre, which means a depth of 1m of water can sit on the material before it begins to seep through.

This level of protection is effective at repelling even the worst of our British weather while simultaneously remaining breathable.

No breathable cover can be 100% waterproof; beware of companies that make this claim.

While door access comes as standard on all our full covers, we don’t use zips to secure the door flaps as there’s a risk that they can damage your paintwork.

Instead, we use heavy-duty velcro to keep the door flap in place, which is easy to use and completely safe for your vehicle.

It is possible to fit a full motorhome or caravan cover on your own, but we recommend fitting it with another person. Our Easy-fit system makes sure you can fit your Protec full cover in minutes.

You can install a towing jacket by yourself however, as designed it specifically with solo-fitting in mind.

Unfortunately we don’t. We used to sell roof-only covers for caravans and coachbuilt motorhomes, but we found that they’re cumbersome to fit and offer very little protection.

We stopped selling roof-only covers when we introduced our Easy-fit system that makes fitting our full covers really easy. Find out more about Easy-fit here.

You can keep your cover on your vehicle for as long as you’d like. We designed our covers to keep your vehicle protected while you aren’t using it.

However, our Towing Jackets are for towing purposes only and are not to be used for storage. While it’s ok to leave your Towing Jacket on for a few days, we advise against leaving it on for prolonged periods.

Our covers have an approximate lifespan of 5 to 10 years, depending on how frequently you use them. However, some of our customers have had their Protec cover for 13 years and counting.

All our full covers come with a 3-year warranty covering the fabric, while our Towing Jackets have a 1-year warranty.

No. Our breathable fabric will let any trapped moisture escape, which prevents condensation build-up.

However, your vehicle has to be clean before fitting the cover.

You don’t need to cover your windows because our soft fabric lining protects your vehicle’s exterior. Our covers won’t scratch your windows.

The only thing you need to protect your caravan, motorhome, or car is a Protec cover.

(We’ve heard of people covering their windows with cling film before installing a cover. NEVER follow this advice as it will damage your windows.)

We believe that prevention is better than cure and covering your caravan, motorhome, or car now will guard against costly repairs in the future.

During our 20 years in the industry, we’ve perfected our registered designs, patented new fabrics, and taken thousands of tailored patterns to bring you the highest quality covers to keep your vehicles safe.

We’re incredibly proud of our family-run business that supports UK manufacturers with our 100% “Made in the UK” products.

No, our covers won’t scratch your vehicle because we designed the inner layer of the cover to be soft and will caress your caravan, car, or motorhome.

However, it’s essential that your van is clean and free from debris before you install your cover, or you risk damaging the paintwork.

No, it won’t. We spent years researching and developing our exclusive PROTEX003 fabric, which has a patented central membrane. The material lets trapped moisture escape from underneath the cover without letting additional water in. Independent studies proved that our fabric is 3.5x more breathable than our nearest competitors. This fabric is exclusive to Protec Covers.

Please email our office at, and our team will let you know if we are able to ship to your country!