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Extras & Accessories


Vehicle Cleaner

The Protec waterless vehicle cleaner is the perfect companion to your tailored cover to keep your motorhome or caravan looking pristine. This cleaner will have your leisure vehicle shining, ensuring your vehicle’s bodywork is preserved for years to come.

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Extending Fitting Poles (Set Of Two)

These fitting poles, whilst coming as standard with your cover purchase, are able to be replaced if they are damaged or lost over time. Coming in a set of two, these poles help you pull the cover over your caravan or motorhome.

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Replacement Straps

Each cover comes with a set of straps as standard. However, over time with use, straps can wear or become damaged with weather and storage, so replacements are sometimes necessary.

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Tow Hitch Cover

Available in plain or with a slogan, a tow hitch cover protects your hitch whilst in storage. Our full caravan covers all come with a tow hitch cover as standard, however if you lose it or want a replacement, you can purchase it separately here.



Wheel Covers

View our wheel covers for your motorhome or caravan to protect your wheels from UV, damp, and dirt during storage. Our wheel covers come as a pair, don’t come with our covers as standard, and are an additional option to better protect your leisure vehicle.

Green Caravan wheel cover