FREE UK DELIVERY On Caravan Covers, Motorhome Covers & Towing Jackets

Warranty Guarantee

The properties of Protec Covers’ exclusive material, CaravanShield (waterproofing, breathability, UV stability), are guaranteed for 3 years on full covers and 12 months on towing covers. Protec’s workmanship is under warranty for 12 months. Protec Covers will not be liable to you or indemnify you for any claims relating to third-party components. Protec will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive, or consequential damages with respect to third-party components.

Protec must be allowed to inspect any possible damages at their premises.

Should there be a possible problem with the cover, then return postage will be arranged and paid for by the customer.

No remedial work should be carried out on the cover without Protec’s agreement, as this will invalidate the guarantee.

Returned covers must be securely packed prior to return and must be thoroughly cleaned, as Protec will not handle dirty covers due to the health & safety of our staff.

Any return of covers must be previously arranged with Protec Covers prior to sending.

In no circumstances shall the Company’s liability to the Buyer for any breach of guarantee exceed the price paid for the Goods with respect to which the claim is made.

Any possible refunds will be assessed on a pro-rata basis.

Covers should be cleaned on a regular basis, depending upon level of usage with water and gentle soap solution if required, to ensure the materials retain their properties. Improper care may result in degradation of the material and invalidate the fabric guarantee.

In certain weather conditions, moisture from the ground can condense on the vehicle until a change in conditions allows the moisture to evaporate through the material. This is unavoidable and is not a result of the breathability or waterproofness of the material.

Should the Company deem that a replacement be provided prior to original Goods being returned, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the original Goods are available for collection at the same time as the replacement is delivered.

The vehicle must be free from dirt, dust, and any other debris prior to fitting.

Protec’s covers are designed for UK weather conditions and the warranty does not cover products used outside of the UK. Protec Covers will not be responsible:

  • If the Buyer has not ensured that protruding or sharp edges are covered and prevented from coming into contact with the cover;
  • If the Buyer has not thoroughly cleaned the vehicle before fitting the cover; ▪ For vehicles which have been polished by the cover, when the vehicle has been dulled by traffic film, wax build-up and exposure to the elements;
  • For damage caused by incorrect use;
  • For damage caused by incorrect fitting, as this is a supply only contract
  • For standard wear or tear to the cover.

The Company’s covers are designed to protect vehicles from rain, dirt, tree sap, and bird droppings. The Company will not be liable for damage to vehicles caused by improper or incorrect usage or external forces not exclusive of but including vandalism, animals such as cats and birds, or cases of force majeure. Please read the conditions and guidelines above. Your statutory rights are unaffected and full terms and conditions can be found on our website