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Expertly Crafted

Caravan Covers

Full cover

Tailored caravan cover

Our personally tailored covers are manufactured to match your caravan perfectly, including accommodation for your caravans features, including door access, aerial allowance and any other add-ons you may have.

Tailored caravan cover

Front cover

Tailored towing jacket

If you want a partial cover for your caravan, which can stay on whilst in motion, the towing jacket is the perfect solution. This tailored towing jacket is made to fit your exact model, and protects your front window from stones and twigs during travel.

Tailored Towing Jacket

Front cover

Tailored Adria towing jacket

Tailored exclusively to caravans from the Adria range, the Adria towing jacket covers your front window during travel, to keep your caravan in perfect condition. This jacket is only available for Adria caravans with aerodynamic handles, and isn’t suitable for caravans of another brand.

Tailored Adria Towing Jacket

Front Cover

Universal Towing Cover

Protect your caravan during transit from stone chips and road grime with the original three-piece towing cover. This cover is made to fit standard-width caravans with two awning channels.


Front Cover

Tailored Single Awning Bailey Towing Cover

Tailor-made to accommodate Bailey caravans with a single awning rail, this towing cover will protect the front of your caravan whilst on the road. This cover comes in three pieces and with a SNAD fastener system to make sure it’s secure on your caravan, even with only one awning channel!


Add ons

Extras & accessories

View from our collection of extras, accessories and aftercare products, ranging from tow hitch covers and flags to cover cleaner and straps.

Full accessories Caravan WOW Cleaner wheel covers fitting poles replacment clips straps