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My cover is damaged

By their very nature, protective covers for caravans and motorhomes are designed to stand in front of potential dangers and scream …


We designed them to take the brunt of the damage, so your leisure vehicle doesn’t get harmed, causing you to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds getting it fixed.

So, it’s relatively common for products to suffer rubs, rips, tears, and lacerations.

Is my damaged cover dead?


But maybe not.

Often, we’re able to make repairs to mutilated covers by seaming, patching, or replacing the damaged areas.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had covers come back to us for repair that were held together by wishes and dreams, and fixing them hasn’t been viable. But that doesn’t mean we won’t appraise them and restore them to their former glory if we can.

How do i get it repaired?

To initiate the restoration process, you need to contact our sales team ( or 01274 780088), and we’ll ask you about the problems you’ve encountered and advise the best course of action.

Top Tip: Have your order number to hand and take a bunch of photos of the damage so we can assess it. Doing this will speed up the process.

Our production manager will assess the photos to ascertain whether the repairs will be viable.

If the big man reckons we can fix it, we’ll help you to arrange carriage for bringing the cover back to our Bradford-based factory, where our expert sewing team will repair your cover and aim to have it back to you within two weeks.

How much will it cost to get fixed?

The cost of repairs varies on a case-by-case basis, but rest assured, we’ll never charge you more for a repair than is worth your while.

In many cases, we’ve been known to perform more minor repairs free of charge, with our customers only footing the bill for the cost of shipping.

It’s perfectly ok if you want to arrange your own shipping (or you could even drop your cover off if you’re in the neighbourhood). If you want us to arrange shipping, we can do that too. It’ll cost you £20 for a collection and £10 for us to send it back to you.

What if my cover has a fabric or manufacturing fault?

If your storage cover or towing jacket has a defect that is our fault, we will repair it absolutely free of charge (assuming your cover is still under its warranty). And we’ll pay for shipping too.

We don’t want our customers to be left out of pocket.