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protec roof cover
Do you do motorhome or caravan roof covers?

Over the years, we’ve designed and redesigned more patterns and products than we could possibly count … well, we could, but it would take us a while.

And one of the most common requests we get over the phone and at various trade shows is …

“Do you do motorhome or caravan roof covers?”

The short answer is


The medium-length answer is.

“We used to.”

And if you want to know precisely why we don’t make these single-piece covers anymore, read on for the long answer

When did you stop making Motorhome & Caravan roof covers?

While we’d been making roof covers for about ten years, we decided to cease production and pulled the plug back in 2012.

With the advent of our exclusive Easy-Fit System in the same year, we found the cons of our roof covers far outweighed the pros when compared with full covers.

Why don't you manufacture Caravan or Motorhome roof covers anymore?

Despite their perceived popularity, these storage covers aren’t as practical as you’d think. After considering the pros and cons of covers for roofs, it was clear that full covers are more cost-effective, are way easier to fit, and offer much better protection.

What are the mean reasons you ceased production?

They’re Difficult to Fit:

We pride ourselves on our industry-leading Easy-Fit system that makes our full covers the most straightforward to fit full caravan and motorhome covers on the market.

Roof covers for caravans and motorhomes are the antithesis of Easy-Fit, especially with the shape of modern leisure vehicles. Because these covers are connected to the caravan or motorhome via the awning channel, the contemporary body and abundance of modern roof furniture make putting the cover on extremely frustrating.

It’s super-difficult to avoid catching the cover on attachments, aerials, satellite domes, and air conditioning units while maintaining a tight fit.

They Don’t Offer Full Protection:

While we understand many people only want a cover to protect their vehicle roof from bird droppings and falling debris, we believe it’s essential to cover the whole caravan or motorhome.

Leaving the vehicle’s sides exposed to the elements puts you at risk of suffering damage that’s expensive to rectify.

The sides of your caravan or motorhome could also get exceedingly dirty through the cold winter months, and who wants to spend the first few hours of a new season scrubbing, cleaning, and polishing?

Not us.

Our fabric is UV stabilised, which protects your caravan or motorhome’s exterior from fading or changing colour. Installing a roof-only cover could lead to your pride-and-joy becoming two-tone … and that’s just weird.


They’re Not Cost Effective:

Lastly … and probably the most important reason we don’t make roof covers for motorhomes or caravans anymore; they’re expensive to produce and take more time to manufacture than our full covers.

Though these canopy-style covers use roughly 66% less fabric, sewing all the components and fixtures to the roof covers to ensure they don’t blow away is incredibly time-consuming.

While we could use straps to secure the product, tests and trials show that they have the potential to damage the vehicle when they’re directly in contact with exposed sections of the caravan or motorhome.

Because of the extra work that goes into manufacturing these covers, the RRP is not that much lower than the price of a full cover yet offers only a fraction of the benefits.

Will you ever re-consider making them again?

Though we get repeated requests for these covers, we’re not bringing them out of retirement.

There are no plans to revisit caravan or motorhome roof covers unless there’s a drastic redesign of caravan and motorhome roofs.

We’d need significant changes that would allow us to make producing and fitting these covers much easier and more cost-effective.

Even then, we wouldn’t be able to create roof covers for existing makes and models.

In the meantime, we’ll be concentrating all our efforts on maintaining and improving our industry-leading Caravan Covers, Motorhome Covers, and Towing Jackets to make sure we protect your precious leisure vehicles to the highest standards.

Our full covers offer much better value for money than their roofy counterparts, give you far more protection & peace of mind, and will keep your vehicle looking shiny and clean for years to come.