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old protec logo teaser

Protec unveils new Logo

Welcome to the start of a new era at Protec Covers.

As we began our top-to-bottom rebranding process, the first step towards our new look was to design a new logo and tagline.

We loved our old logo, and “Anything & Everything” was a beloved tagline, but we became increasingly aware that our look was starting to feel out of date.

So, armed with pencils, pens, and paper (and possibly lots of expensive software) our creative team set about the painstaking process of creating new ones from scratch.

After about a million sketches, a couple of thousand pages of rough taglines, a few hundred meetings, and a couple of tantrums, we finally signed off on our new design.

Meet the new Protec Covers logo & tagline.

We designed a triple-layered logo to represent the three layers of our exclusive patented fabric (which is 3.5 times more breathable than Specialised Cover’s gear doncha know?), and the subtle curves of caravans and motorhomes

One of our design briefs was to create a font that was stylish, future-proof, and in line with the new logo.

We put countless hours into checking and testing our new tagline.

“Manufactured by Design” represents our commitment to having a purpose behind everything we do and our willingness to open our factory to innovative ideas and designs to manufacture new & exciting products.

We look forward to seeing our new logo on your covers and Towing Jackets.

Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts, and blog for any future updates.