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How To Maintain Your Motorhome Winter Cover
Shielding your Motorhome from winter’s wrath

Winter storage covers for motorhomes are an essential tool for protecting your investment from the harsh elements of winter. Snow, rain, wind, and cold temperatures can all cause damage to your motorhome if it is left uncovered.

No matter how much you spend on your protective storage cover, even the best motorhome covers will only look after your vehicle if you look after them.

With proper care and maintenance, a Protec motorhome winter cover can last many years and provide the protection you need to keep your pride and joy in excellent condition.


“Are Motorhome Covers a Good Idea?”

If you’re yet to buy a motorhome winter cover, you might still be wondering if it’s even a good idea to cover your vehicle in the colder months…

Make Sure You Buy The Correct Cover For Your Motorhome

The first step in maintaining a winter storage cover comes before you’ve even bought it: ensuring the cover fits properly.

Before storing your motorhome, take the time to measure it accurately and make sure you have the correct size cover. If the cover is too small, it won’t provide adequate protection, and if it is too large, it may cause damage by flapping in the wind.

Once you have the right size cover, cleaning it after using it is essential. Dirt and debris can scratch the paint on your motorhome and cause damage to the cover. Use mild soap, water solution, and a soft cloth to clean it. Rinse the cover thoroughly and let it air dry before using it again.

When storing your motorhome, be sure to place it in a location that is protected from the wind and has good drainage. If the cover is exposed to strong winds, it can become damaged and not provide the protection you need.

If the cover is placed in an area with poor drainage, water can become trapped and cause mold and mildew to form, which can damage the cover and your motorhome.

Once your motorhome is covered, it is crucial to check it regularly for any signs of damage. Look for any tears, holes, or other damage to the cover, and repair or replace it as needed. Check the straps that hold the cover in place, and tighten or replace them if they become loose.

Another essential step in maintaining your winter storage cover is ensuring it is protected from UV rays. UV rays from the sun can cause the cover to fade and become brittle over time, reducing its effectiveness.

To protect your cover from UV rays, store it in a shaded location from direct sunlight, or consider purchasing a cover with built-in UV protection.

Shielding your Motorhome from winter’s wrath

Finally, remove the cover before you use your motorhome again. Leaving the cover on while driving or camping can cause damage to the cover and your motorhome. Once you have removed the cover, inspect it for any damage and clean it if necessary.

In conclusion, maintaining a winter storage cover for your motorhome is an essential step in protecting your investment from the harsh elements of winter. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your cover in pristine condition for many years, providing the protection your motorhome needs to stay in tip-top shape. Whether you are storing your motorhome for the winter or need to protect it from the elements, a winter storage cover is a must-have tool for any motorhome owner.



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