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Can Camper Covers Cause Damage?
#VW Campervan Easy-Fit Cover in grey

Our love for campervans runs deep, from their sleek and classy designs to the timeless charm of the classic models.

Owning a campervan not only grants you a ticket to endless adventures but also welcomes you into a welcoming community of like-minded individuals.

Yet, it’s not just about hitting the open road; it’s also about preserving the style and memories these vehicles represent. To safeguard your cherished camper, it’s essential to protect it during periods of non-use with a quality storage cover.

This act of care ensures your investment stays in top condition, shielding it from the elements and preserving its allure for future journeys, making each adventure as stylish and unforgettable as the last.



Do I Need a Storage Cover?

Most people are of the opinion that vehicles of any kind are designed for the outside world, and a little bit of rain, snow, or sun won’t harm a van that’s made out of metal.

While you won’t see any detriment in the short term, spending years and years exposed to the elements WILL erode your camper over time. Taking extra care of your motor could extend its life by five or more years, or at the very least, keep its value higher if you’re going to sell it.

But My Mate Geoff Says Covering My Camper Will Damage It

Well, Geoff is wrong.

Sort of.

If you use a cheap cover that isn’t breathable or has a rough interior, you’ll end up with scratched paintwork or build-ups of mould and mildew.

You may as well leave it for Mother Nature to devour.

HOWEVER, if you choose a premium cover, you’ll not only keep your beloved safe, but you’ll save tons of cash in the process.

Speculate to accumulate and all that.

You can always request a free fabric sample and brochure right here and see for yourself.

What Kind of Cover Should I Choose?

For maximum protection, you’ll need a water-resistant cover that’s breathable too. You need to keep the elements out, but it’s essential that any natural moisture can escape.

While we’re at it, the cover’s interior needs to be soft so it doesn’t scratch the paintwork.

Finally, a tailored, bespoke campervan cover will prevent any access material from flapping around and slapping against your bodywork the same way a cheapo generic cover would.

But Where Can I Get One of These Very Specific Covers?

Glad you asked.

Because Protec Covers produce industry-leading, award-winning, easy-to-fit camper covers that do all of the above.

Yes, our covers are a little more pricey than one-size-fits-most covers, but they’ll last way longer and do a far better job of protecting your van.

Buy cheap, pay twice.

Visit our shop to buy yours today so you can rest easy in the knowledge that we’ve got you covered.