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Protec Motorhome Covers: Award-Winning Protection

We’ve been in the leisure vehicle industry for decades, and in that time, we’ve gotten to know our customers pretty well.

Because of the relationships we’ve built within this community, we’ve actively communicated with you your wants and needs and implemented them into our products where possible.

The results transformed our full motorhome covers into award-winning products that are the envy of the industry.

What Makes Protec Motorhome Covers So Special?

Easy-Fit System: There is no “easy” way to get a massive storage cover up and over the top of these lofty leisure vehicles. However, we took your feedback about the challenges of installing your protection and brought the Easy-Fit System to life.

Our ingenious system removes much of the frustration of protecting your pride and joy, thanks to the roll-up flap at the back of the cover that allows you to walk it from the front of your vehicle to the back, so it’s more like putting on a sock than it is putting a hat on a giant.

Our motorhome covers will still be challenging to install for some people. However, you won’t find an easier cover to put on than ours.

Exclusive Fabric: There is no better fabric in the motorhome protection business than ours, and we should know we had it tested.

We designed our fabric to protect your vehicle both inside and out.

The three-layer material boasts a UV-stabilised outer layer that slows the deterioration of your van’s exterior by protecting it from all the elements.

A breathable inner lining allows all naturally occurring moisture that finds its way under the cover to escape, so you’ll never experience mildew and mould build-ups, or rust.

Finally, our gentle inner lining is super-soft, so you never have to worry about it scratching your motorhome.

What Award Have Our Motorhome Covers Won?

Not only are we recognised by the NCC, but we were recently awarded for our efforts by the Practical Motorhome Magazine when they gave us the “Best Motorhome Cover” award for both 2023 and 2024.

And if you can’t trust fellow motorhomers, who can you trust?