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Six Years of the Protec Towing Jacket

2018 seems like a lifetime ago. A lot of things in the world have changed since then; we have experienced a pandemic, record-breaking weather, and a coronation. One thing that has remained the same is the continued popularity and quality of the Protec Towing Jacket.

We launched our newly designed tailored towing cover at the NEC February show in 2018, quite proud of the work we had done behind the scenes to create this new product, designed by caravanners with every caravanner in mind.

What is the Protec Towing Jacket?

If you’ve been living under a rock, you might not have heard the term before – don’t worry, we won’t judge! Even if you’re not sure what they’re called, we bet you’ve seen one. Whether it be on the motorway protecting a caravan from stone chips or on a site before it’s been put away after a job well done.

The Towing Jacket is Protec’s own version of the tailored towing cover. Designed to protect your caravan front from stone chips, dirt and grime whilst you’re in transit. If you’re still not sold on the value of towing protection, read our blog on why we think they’re an essential bit of caravaning kit.

Investing in a high-quality towing cover can save you a lot of time and money, and with our Towing Jacket offering a tonne of unique features, it is easy to see why it continues to be an instant hit with caravanners.

Like its namesake, the Towing Jacket zips together in the centre and (on most models) slides into each awning channel, making fitting it a breeze. It also has clear panels to ensure your lights are visible and you’re fully road-legal.

The Towing Jacket also offers optional grab-handle access, so if you’re without a motor mover and need to do the heavy lifting, you can do so without having the added step of removing the cover.

From Pattern to Perfection

The process of perfecting our patterns and design was a lengthy one. Since 2018, we have managed to collect patterns for almost every caravan made since 2010!

This means we can provide tailored towing protection to the majority of the caravan community. Even now, we strive to create new patterns so nobody needs to be without a Towing Jacket.

The Launch

Here is a video from the launch week of the Towing Jacket; since then, we have made minor changes to the design to make it even easier based on customer feedback. This includes making the grab handle access optional and swapping the toggles for Velcro.

Protec Caravan Towing Jacket NEC 2018 Great New Product Review

The Towing Jacket in Action

This video from 2023 shows the most recent design and features of our popular Towing Jacket.

A Step by Step Visual Guide on How To Fit a Towing Jacket (in real time).

What Do Caravanners Think?

Every time we think of launching a new product or altering the design of a cover, we do it with caravanners in mind. We want our covers to be practical, easy to use and look good. Hear what some fellow caravanners think and see if we managed it.

How to Fit a Protec Towing Jacket [A Step-by-Step Guide]

Caravan Towing Jacket

Pro tec Towing Jacket

Make sure your pride and joy is protected from stone chips and road debris now, and order your Towing Jacket today.