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Does Protec Have Used Caravan Covers for Sale?

The short answer to this question is no, but we have some tips and advice to help you get your hands on Protec quality protection whilst on a budget.

We often have a scenario where a customer has decided to change caravan not long after making the (very right) decision to treat themselves to a bespoke Protec Caravan Cover. They now have a cover for a Caravan they no longer own. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to be able to buy back and keep stock of any second-hand or used Caravan Covers.

But, like you, we hate to see our covers go to waste when they still have life in them. So we have come up with a few ways to help you not only buy a second-hand Protec Cover but also sell one.

How Can I Sell My Protec Cover?


More often than not, people give their old cover away when they sell their old caravan/motorhome or forget about it and leave it in the van when they trade it in.

Last year, we came up with the genius idea of launching an online page people could visit not only to help recoup a bit of cash and sell their old Protec Covers but, Most importantly, save a few quid and help stop a perfectly good cover with years still on the clock from becoming landfill.

The page is hosted on Facebook and is completely free to join and use, and weare on hand to answer any questions you might have about the Covers.

Visit the page here to start selling or see what is up for grabs at a good price.

Some people also post used Caravan Covers for sale on other popular selling sites such as eBay, or online caravan community groups or forums.

It is important that if you are selling a cover, to provide information on what caravan the cover was made for, and the length of it. (if it’s a Protec Cover and you’re not sure, get in touch, and we will tell you)

How Can I Buy a Protec Cover?

The first port of call for buying a Protec Caravan Cover is, funnily enough, the Protec website. Buying direct from us gives you the piece of mind the Cover will be made bespoke to your model and needs, from door access to clear windows for solar panel charging. With over 50,000 patterns in our database, you can be sure that if you own it, we can cover it.

Buying direct also means you are protected with our guarantee policy and have access to our after-care customer service team.

However, we do understand these Covers are a big investment. If you’re still not sure a cover is a good idea (give our blog on four myths about caravan covers a read to help settle some of your worries) and are on a budget, buying a second-hand cover is a good way to test out the fitting method and if a Cover is the right choice for you before investing a large sum.

It is important to remember that (unless you are very, very lucky) a Used Caravan Cover is not made for your model of Caravan. As it is not made bespoke and for your exact model, it won’t have some of the benefits a brand-new cover would – like the door access and optional solar panel inserts or allowances for TV aerials, etc, in the correct place.

But at Protec, we believe that protecting your investment is a top priority, and protecting your Caravan with a second-hand cover is better than nothing (providing it is made from high quality fabric).