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Adding Your Personal Touch to Your Protec Cover

The beauty of manufacturing everything ourselves in our Bradford factory means we have complete freedom and control of what we can do with our bespoke covers.

Whatever your needs are, we will do our best to meet them, whether this be a personalised image on your Towing Jacket or an additional access point on your Full Protec Cover.

We love thinking outside the box, but sometimes, we even get customer requests for things we have never considered! No request is too strange, and remember – if you don’t ask, you don’t get it. If you have an idea, be sure to speak to a member of our team, who, along with our Production Manager, will see if this is viable.

I’m not saying we can say yes to everything, but if it is possible and we don’t think it will negatively impact the purpose or integrity of the cover – we are happy to accommodate.

But if you’re at the checkout, about to buy your cover and unsure how you would like to personalise it, don’t worry – we have outlined a few examples if you need inspiration.

A Dash of Colour


Colour Choices

We have a few colour options available for our Full Motorhome, Caravan Covers, and Towing Cover Range.

Full Protec Covers

We offer our full covers in either dark green or light grey. You can also opt to have these in a two-tone version, with the roof being one colour and the sides the alternate colour.

The two-tone variety not only looks stylish but also helps you identify the different parts of the cover when it comes to fitting and folding the cover.

Towing Jackets

Our Towing Jackets come in three colour options.

All green

Light grey and black (If you have an Eriba caravan or Swift Basecamp, these are all grey with no black centre stripe.)

All black

Towing Covers

Our universal Towing Covers and single awning Bailey Towing Cover have our classic design so their colour variations are a little different to the newer Towing Jackets.

The main body of the cover is light grey with either green or black chevrons at the bottom of the cover.



In addition to the colour options for our covers, we also offer a graphics service. We can print a logo, photo, flag, or phrase onto any of our covers.

In the past, we have done pet portraits, nicknames, manufacturers’ logos, flags, football club logos and even memorial photos that we then heat-press onto your cover.

This is mostly done on our Towing Range, but we can also put any imagery on to our Full Protec Covers.

If the image you want is something personal, we just ask you to send a high-quality image to our team once you have placed your order for us to use.

In addition to the fun images, people have also had useful phrases or information printed onto their covers. For example, their registration number or ‘This Vehicle is Alarmed.’ To deter thieves.

In addition to our bespoke Covers, we thought it would be fun to offer personalised Tow Hitch Covers, too!

We have come up with a few different slogans and designs to choose from to help show your personality.

Our logos start from £20 on any of our covers.

Access Points

Enough of the fun cosmetics of the cover. Now for some more practical customisations.

As all of our covers are made to order, we can offer optional access points in addition to what comes as standard on all of our Protec covers.

Our tailored Towing Jackets offer optional grab-handle access. We understand not everyone needs this, especially if you have a motor mover fitted – but it can come in handy for a lot of people. So, we wanted to offer this as an option on our caravan Towing Jackets, so nobody has to struggle or spend time removing the cover if they find themselves needing to manoeuvre their caravan manually.

With our full motorhome or caravan covers, there is a lot more scope for what access points we can add. The most common are electric flap access points, gas locker access, garage door access, and driver or passenger door access on motorhomes and campers.

Prices for additional Velcro access points start from £20, and will require a few simple measurements to add this to your order.

Buy Yours Now

Regardless of your specific needs, we are dedicated to tailoring our covers to meet them, ensuring you receive optimal value from your Protec cover.