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Should You Cover Your Motorhome for Winter?

There are a lot of pros and cons to keeping your motorhome covered over the colder months. With so many different opinions and advice to follow, it can be hard to decide if using a cover is the right decision for you and your leisure vehicle.


Things to Consider

It’s important to factor in how useful a cover would be depending on your needs. It’s good to consider things like where you store your motorhome, how often you use it over winter, etc.

If you put your motorhome away for winter, having it covered can keep the motorhome clean when it’s not in use – protecting it from tree sap, bird muck and dust. This means when the sun is back and you’re ready to adventure again, you’re not delayed by a lengthy and sometimes costly valet.

A cover can also act as a theft deterrent so you can have peace of mind (especially if your motorhome is stored away from home).

If you keep your motorhome on a storage site, a cover may be something that is necessary, so it is always best to double-check with the company or site where you will be storing your motorhome.

If you use your motorhome continuously through winter, then you may think the effort of fitting the cover would not be worth it since you would be taking it on and off quite regularly. It’s important to think of the time it takes you to repeatedly clean the motorhome through the winter vs the time it would take to fit and remove the cover. We may be biased, but this is why we think our Easy-fit system is incredible, making the fitting and removal of your cover quick and easy. Check out our fitting process to see for yourself!

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Do Your Research

You will often see people say, “Oh, don’t get a cover. It will scratch your van; it will cause condensation.” It’s important to remember not all covers are made the same. Covers made from cheap material or plastic can cause future issues for your vehicle. It’s in you and your motorhome’s best interest to get fabric samples and ensure the properties of the fabric are good for your motorhome.

It’s essential the fabric of your motorhome cover is breathable and non-abrasive (both of which the Protec fabric is!) to ensure that the pristine condition of your motorhome is maintained over winter when the cover is in use.

In addition to the different types of fabrics covers can be made from, you also have the choice of generic covers and tailored covers.

Generic covers tend to be one size fits most, oftentimes leaving them looking baggy. All the excess fabric means you need additional straps to secure it down, and it also makes the cover harder to fit. However, they can seem like a logical option if you change your motorhome quite regularly.

Tailored covers do offer a much better fit and, therefore, look a lot smarter on your motorhome. They also boast a lot of additional features such as door access and optional customization (i.e., clear inserts for solar charging, electric access points, allowances for items such as bike racks, etc.). As they are tailored, you are not battling with a lot of additional fabric, meaning they don’t billow in the wind and are a lot lighter and easier to fit.

In addition to having the most breathable fabric on the market, the Protec motorhome cover is also fully tailored, giving you all of the above features and also providing you with the exclusive Easy-Fit system. This makes the cover the easiest to fit on the market; it’s no wonder Protec won the award for best motorhome cover two years running!

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