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Do I Need a Motorhome Windscreen Cover?

Buying a Motorhome can be a lengthy, not to mention an expensive process, and when you finally get your pride and joy from the dealers, you then have the job of buying all the necessary upgrades and accessories, from awning, levelling chocks and mud mats to water filler caps and covers.

What Is a Motorhome Windscreen Cover?

It may sound self-explanatory, and that’s because it is. A Motorhome Windscreen Cover is a cover that covers the windscreen of your Motorhome.

Thermal windscreen covers

But there is a bit of variety when it comes to these Covers. There are thermal windscreen covers or reflective ones – both with different purposes depending on your needs.

To keep it simple, Thermal Windscreen Covers are designed to keep your Motorhome insulated, stopping heat from escaping through the windscreen. Reflective ones are designed to keep heat out of your Motorhome and protect the interior from UV and heat.

The size of a windscreen can also vary; again, what you choose will depend on what you are looking to get out of a Windscreen Cover. You can find universal ones which usually cover just the windscreen, which is great if you are on a budget. Alternatively, bespoke ones are usually bigger, covering some of your bonnet and giving you a bit of added protection.

When Should I Be Using a Windscreen Cover?

Windscreen Covers can be used both when storing your Motorhome, or whilst using it for trips.

Thermal Windscreen Covers are great for helping retain heat inside the Motorhome. Although you would assume most people would use these during winter to keep frost and snow off of their windscreen (like you would on a car). Most people actually make use of these while they’re using the Motorhome.

If you are a fan of autumn or winter getaways, using a Thermal Windscreen Cover can help keep the heat in on cold nights.

Reflective Windscreen Covers can also be used for the opposite reason. If you’re away in the height of summer or on the continent, it will help you keep you and your Motorhome cool so you can sleep comfortably.

A lot of seasoned Motorhomers actually believe using thermal or reflective covers while your Motorhome is in storage isn’t that necessary.

Like most things in life – there is no right or wrong answer – do what you feel is best for you and your Motorhome.

But What About the Rest of My Motorhome?

If you’re wanting to protect your entire Motorhome from the elements whilst you’re not using it – what you might actually be looking for is a Full Storage Cover.

Bespoke motorhome cover

As a Full Cover (as the name suggests) covers the whole body of your Motorhome or Campervan, it naturally provides a lot more protection that just a Motorhome Windscreen Cover. A Storage Cover will keep your entire Motorhome free of dirt and protected from UV exposure, tree sap, bird droppings and weather whilst not in use, ensuring it is in the same pristine condition you left it in after your last adventure.

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