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Essential Protection?

Motorhomes and campervans aren’t cheap. After investing so much money into buying a home away from home, you want to look after it. We think a motorhome or camper cover is an essential bit of kit when it comes to protecting your Leisure Vehicle for years to come.

However, before we get into the reasons why – it’s important to remember not all covers are made the same. If you are in the market for a cover for your motorhome or camper van, be sure to do your research.

The fabric which a cover is made from is essential as to how well it can protect your vehicle, Read our blog here on Breathability vs. Waterproof.  A bespoke cover is also better than a universal one, providing you with a better fit, easier installation and more useful features such as door access.

Now that you know what to look for in a high-quality protective cover for your motorhome or campervan, let’s discuss the 10 reasons to invest in one.

Protects against the Elements

Using a cover when you’re not using your motorhome or campervan will protect it against whatever the British weather throws at it. This means it is protected from frost, hail, and snow, and a decent cover will also protect it from the unseen threat of UV damage.

Yes, your motorhome or camper is made out of weatherproof materials, so the odd downpour isn’t going to be a major issue. However, over time, it could lead to mildew build-up or dampness.

Vintage campers are also more susceptible to rusting, etc., and having a waterproof and breathable cover can help with this.

Protects against Third-Party Damage

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to worry about your motorhome or campervan being damaged whilst it’s being stored, whether this be outside your house or on a storage site.

Unfortunately, we do not. The last thing you want to happen is accidental damage or vandalism on your brand-new motorhome or campervan

Having your vehicle covered will protect your bodywork from potential scratches, dints and damage caused by external factors.

Protects from UV Damage

UV rays can cause a brand-new, shiny vehicle to look dull and aged.

Now, slathering your motorhome or campervan in factor 50 isn’t really an option, so the best way to protect against UV damage is with a storage cover that is made from UV-resistant fabric.


Retain Your Motorhome or Campers Value

Using a cover will keep your vehicle in pristine condition. Protecting from damage and general wear and aging will help your motorhome or campervan retain its value.

This means if you ever come to sell or trade-in your vehicle, it is likely you will get a higher price.

Even if trading or selling your vehicle isn’t something you plan on doing, keeping general wear and tear to a minimum by using a cover will help you save money on future repairs.

Protect from Airbourne Contaminants

Tree sap and bird droppings are public enemy number one when it comes to keeping your motorhome or campervan in pristine condition.

Using a cover will protect your paintwork from both, not to mention falling autumn leaves. A cover can save you the time and effort of removing this from the roof of your vehicle ensuring your paintwork isn’t left worse for wear.

Time Saver

Cleaning your motorhome or campervan can be quite an arduous task. Climbing onto the roof, removing leaves, and ensuring the gutters and cracks are cleaned out.

Using a cover means when the time comes to get into your Motorhome or Camper and travel, you’re not hit with the time-consuming task of cleaning the vehicle. Simply remove your cover and away you go.

Keep your Neighbours Happy

Some people might think a large white vehicle on the front drive or parked outside the house can be quite an eye sore.

Covering your vehicle can help it blend in with the surroundings and keep your neighbours happy.

Theft Deterrent

Having your pride and joy stolen is your worst nightmare, but it is unfortunately more common than you would like to think, RV theft has been on the rise in the past couple of years, and there are various precautions you can take to ensure you are not a victim of this crime.

In addition to ensuring your vehicle is alarmed, has a tracker fitted and insured ( Caravan guard would be our top choice), a cover can also act as an additional deterrent.

The cover is not only a physical barrier, as it would be time-consuming for thieves to remove the cover, unless it were the Protec Easy-Fit, but it also acts as a psychological barrier against opportunist thieves.

The cover also stops any peeping toms from looking into the vehicle to see if there is anything worth stealing stored inside.

Check out our handy guide to Prepping your Vehicle for Winter Storage.


Save Money on Valeting

There are plenty of valet companies in the UK that offer their services to valet your vehicle, ensuring it is kept in pristine condition.

However, if, through the winter, your motorhome or camper is exposed to the elements, it can lead you to seek out these services more frequently.

A good quality cover costs on average £600 and can last anywhere between 3-10 years.

The cost of a valet service averages between £100 – £200, depending on the service. These costs can very quickly add up.

Potentially save on Storage Costs

There are some alternatives to covers that offer the same benefits.

However, these are often more costly. If you are looking to keep your vehicle protected from the elements whilst on your drive, you could always look into building a carport.

These are great, but depending on the size available, they aren’t always possible and can often cost upwards of £1,000.

Depending on where you live, you may have access to storage sites that offer security and peace of mind.

However, these are not only costly but do not offer all the same benefits a cover would.

Prices of storage sites can vary a lot and sometimes come with certain accessibility conditions during the off-season.

A tailored motorhome or camper cover can protect your investment from an array of external damage and wear, maintaining its resell value and providing you with peace of mind.

Don’t fall victim to UV or tree sap damage, theft or third-party damage by covering your Motorhome or Campervan today.