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1985 Plaxton Supreme 29 Seat Coach

You know by now that we like to share some of the more unusual vehicles that pass through our doors with you. This week, we were delighted to be visited by Mr. Gibson and his 1985 Plaxton Supreme 29 Seat Coach.

The Supreme was introduced by Plaxton in 1974, replacing their hugely successful Panorama models, which had been in production since 1968. Mr. Gibson’s Supreme is based on a Bedford VAS chassis. There have been various incarnations of the Supreme and this beauty is a Supreme V, notably different from the previous version by the addition of a completely new rear end.

Mr. Gibson found his Supreme in a field four years ago and following a two year restoration project at the hands of Cobus near Bridlington, ‘Empress Margaret Irene’ is back on the road again. Before the restoration was even completed, The Empress was taken out of the Corbus works to enter the historic East Coast Run in the June of 2016 and much to Mr. Gibson’s delight, she was awarded 3rd Prize.

This little coach has absolutely no end of charm and instantly transported us back to our school days, right down to the smell! The Supreme has many more shows in her future but must spend this winter outside so naturally, Mr. Gibson researched the best vehicle cover companies available and commissioned us to make a cover for his pride and joy.

If you have a remarkable vehicle that requires remarkable protection, get in touch with our experts on 01274 780088.


Pro-Tec Easy-Fit System®

Pro-Tec Easy-Fit®

As keen caravanners and motorhomers ourselves, we are always on the look-out to improve our products and make life easier for our customers.

Around 2010, after years of struggling ourselves and through listening to feedback from our customers, we decided to focus on designing a full protective cover that was a breeze to fit. Conventional caravan and motorhome covers have to be unfolded on the roof of the vehicle and wriggled down like a giant sweater. Some manufacturers provide poles to aid in the fitting, which is easier than the old method but it can still be a big struggle to lift the bottome of the cover the entire height of the vehicle and wrestle what can be quite cumbersome covers down over the bodywork.

Our exclusive Easy-Fit® system allows the entire back panel to be rolled up, so that two people (using the supplied poles) can literally walk the entire cover over the body of the caravan or motorhome in a matter of seconds. Initially, this was an optional extra to all of our covers, but as we think it’s the most significant innovation in our sector in recent years, we decided to include the Easy-Fit® system as standard on all of our full caravan and motorhome covers from now on. You don’t have to take our word for it though, here’s what our customers have to say about the Easy-Fit® system:

“The whole system of using the poles to install the cover was a breeze – really quick, simple and effective. The cover fits perfectly and is of superb quality, both in the design and manufacture. I would like to thank you for developing such an excellent product – we are very happy customers!”

“Anyone reading this looking for a cover, put your trust in Pro-tec Covers. I did and I’m over the moon with the quality, correspondence and professionalism. My wife and I are nearly 70 and had no trouble whatsoever fitting the cover with the easy fit system”

“I have just fitted the new cover to the caravan. Wonderful! It is so light for such a large twin axle caravan. It took my wife and me about 15 minutes (not bad for two septuagenarians). We unpacked it from the back of the 4x4 and simply walked it over the van. Thanks for your service.”

“Big improvement over old one, Much better fit, stronger velcro. The Easy Fit option does exactly that. Thanks very much for the good service"

Just remember, if it's not an EasyFit, it's not a Pro-Tec cover!!!

NGVFA Dalesman Caravan

This 1989 Dalesman 440/2 is a little bit special. It was purchased brand new from Waudby's (Wandahome) in Hull 28 years ago. In 2000 John Clifford, the Dalesman's owner, approached us to make a cover to protect his investment. In the following years, the Dalesman was the source of many a happy holiday for Mr. & Mrs. Clifford.

This week, some 17 years later, Mr. Clifford contacted us again because his previous cover had come to the end of its life and he is still just as keen to keep the caravan in tip-top condition. No longer being used for family holidays, this little caravan has been put to much better use, raising money for an incredibly important charity, NGVFA (National Gulf Families & Veterans Association).

NGVFA are a small registered charity operating out of Hull, who raise awareness and funds for ex-servicemen and women who served in the first and second Gulf conflicts as well as in Afghanistan, and who have suffered any number of health and/or social difficulties since their return home.

The charity’s mission is:

  • To enhance and improve the quality of the day-to-day lives of all veterans of desert conflicts and their families, partners and carers, through support, information, advocacy and counselling.
  • To provide a safe haven for veterans of desert conflicts and their families, partners and carers to be able to talk about the impact their service has had on their lives.
  • To educate and provide information for the public and health care professionals to assist and improve the support and health care provided for veterans of desert conflicts and their families, partners and carers.

As you can imagine, with over 15,000 ill Gulf War veterans claiming a war pension in 2013, the little charity has its work cut out.

John tows his trusty Dalesman to events all across the country and uses it as his base for a stall to raise money for this very important cause. The services that NGVFA provides are absolutely invaluable to veterans and their families and this humble caravan plays a huge part in keeping the charity going.

Please click here to visit the NGVFA website and make a donation and if you can make it along to Wetherby Racecourse 28th – 31st September for the Driffield Dog Show, you can meet John, his beautiful Dalesman caravan and help to raise money for a vital cause at the same time.


A Warm Welcome to Elisha & James

Today we are thrilled to announce the appointment of two new members of staff to our rapidly expanding Protec Family.  In the last couple of months, we have taken on a new Cutting Manager, a new CAD Manager and a new member to our Product Development team and today we welcome Elisha Topham and James Madden.

Elisha is 18 years old and joins us as our in-house apprentice. We are passionate about providing opportunities for employment in our local community and Elisha will learn every aspect of the bespoke vehicle cover industry.  She will learn how to process sales orders, how to cut our unique fabrics, how to stitch covers together and everything else we do behind the scenes to develop and manufacture our products. Elisha is the daughter of our head sewing machinist, Julie, which fits very well with our family ethos.

James has been taken on as a Cutter and will work closely with Matt, our Cutting Manager. He will be extensively trained in the different cutting methods we use, such as cutting by hand from a template or using one of our CNC machines to cut a cover from a digitised pattern. James comes from a printing background so does have some experience of using CNC machines but obviously we will bring him up to speed with our specific practices. Once fully trained, James will work independently and boost our production capacity.

We love our city (Bradford in West Yorkshire) and we love our customers so it makes us very happy indeed to be able to invest in both together. We hope you are as pleased with our continued expansion as we are and join us in welcoming Elisha & James to their new roles.

New Addition to the Protec Family


Not a day goes by here at Protec Covers when we aren't looking for new ways to improve our products and services. We've always been passionate about making sure our covers are the best they possibly can be because we truly believe that your caravan, motorhome, car or motorbike deserve the highest quality protection available. With this in mind, today we welcome Mandy Chattaway to our Product Development Team.

Mandy brings (say it quickly) 40 years experience in the sewing and tailoring industry to our production facility in Bradford, West Yorkshire, where she will be working closely with our two other recent additions, Matt and Beki. Although today is Mandy's first day, she has settled in really quickly and has already painstakingly produced an outdoor car cover for an upcoming project.

We asked Mandy for a few words for this article: "I've had a great first day. Everyone has been so welcoming and there's a real family spirit, it's one of the nicest places I've worked. I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into some exciting new projects". Obviously, we put her on the spot but still, it's a lovely thing to hear. 

As Mandy has said, there are a few exciting projects on the horizon for us so be sure to keep checking back here on the news section of our website for updates. You'll be the first to know.


british manufacturerAll our covers are designed and manufactured in-house in Bradford, West Yorkshire by Pro-Tec Covers Ltd. None of our caravan or motorhome covers are outsourced. Our material, CaravanShield, has been exclusively developed in the UK and we are proud to say that it continues to be manufactured  here in the UK